Family and Community News | Jan. 15, 2023

What do we want for every child?

What do we want for every child? As a school district, we’re thinking about that and working on it every day. We are fully committed to each of our kids – to them being safe, engaged, supported, healthy and challenged.

Some days our work is joyous, and some days it’s sorrowful. Recently, we’ve felt significant sorrow. But we can’t – and we won’t – ever stop doing what’s best for kids.

January is Whole Child month. Whole Child is the way we care for kids 24 hours a day, everywhere they are. It’s schools, it’s community partners, it’s families and neighborhoods wrapping our collective arms around children.

Together, we want to help kids see that they belong, that they matter in every way. Taking care of our kids is about academics, but it’s also about helping them learn to build meaningful relationships, resolve conflict and gain the skills to manage emotions. That’s the Whole Child, on their way to becoming thriving adults. In this new video, district, school, student and community leaders explain why this work is crucial to student success. Watch the story.


Tacoma Flex offers online class options for high school students

Tacoma high schoolers can increase the flexibility in their schedules by taking two classes online, in addition to completing the rest of their classes in person at their school.

Working with Tacoma Online, students can take up to two online courses at the beginning and/or end of their school day through Tacoma Flex. All remote courses will be delivered by Tacoma teachers and work through the district’s Edgenuity learning management platform.

Students can work with their school counselors to enroll in Tacoma Flex. Students should complete the Tacoma Flex course request form by Feb. 15.

Why choose Tacoma Flex?

Tacoma Flex is an ideal opportunity for students who have jobs or family commitments that the traditional in-person school schedule does not allow for. It also gives the flexibility to support student choice and course offerings that may not be accessible in existing schedules.


Elementary schools hosting enrollment information nights

Whether you’re interested in a dual-language program, Montessori, arts, or all of the above, kids living within the boundaries of Tacoma Public Schools have choices. Students have the option to attend their neighborhood school or apply to attend another TPS school.

All of our elementary schools will host information nights over the coming weeks for prospective students and their families to meet school leaders and staff, explore the unique programs and activities each school has to offer, see the school culture, and learn more about the choice enrollment process and timeline.

Choice Enrollment

Choice enrollment is choosing a school other than your neighborhood school. We recommend families start by checking out their neighborhood school, but sometimes your neighborhood school isn't the best fit for your student or your family. If this is the case, you can apply to attend another school


Beyond the Bell, Club Beyond after-school program registration opens Jan. 23

Tacoma Public Schools and community partners are once again offering Beyond the Bell activities for students in grades K-5 and Club Beyond activities for students in grades 6-8.

Registration opens Monday, Jan. 23. Sessions run from Feb. 21 to April 21. 

Log into your Compass: TPS Family App account and visit the activities page to see what options are available at your child's school before registration opens Jan. 23. 

Grades K-5: Flexible pricing

When you register, you will see three payment options per session. If you are not sure what your family is qualified for, please select what you have qualified for in the past or select the best option based on your family’s current need.

  • $96 per activity
  • Qualify for reduced-priced lunch: $48 per activity
  • Qualify for free lunch: $0 per activity

Grades 6-8: Free programs

Club Beyond programs are FREE for middle school students thanks to a host of community funding partners including City of Tacoma, Greentrike, Metro Parks Tacoma, Pierce County, Tacoma Creates, Tacoma Public Schools and private philanthropy.


During School Board Recognition month, board members share why they serve

Our five School Board members give their time and energy in support of high-quality schooling for our kids. Their efforts are instrumental in helping us realize the hopes and dreams we have for the children of our community.

Now, during School Board Recognition Month, our board members share their thoughts about why they serve, and what they are trying to bring to the students and families in Tacoma Public Schools.


High school girls flag football kicks off

Thanks to a grant from the Seattle Seahawks, TPS students competed in a girls flag football jamboree on Jan. 7 at Silas High School. TPS is working to have this sport officially adopted as a high school sport.

More than 185 high school students across our district participate in girls flag football.


Register for webinar on mental health needs of LGBTQIA+ youth

Families are invited to a webinar focusing on supporting the mental health needs of LGBTQIA+ and gender-expansive youth hosted by Kids’ Mental Health Pierce County. The webinar is Jan. 25 at 4 p.m.

This presentation will provide participants with detailed examples and ways for individuals who work with gender-diverse youth to support their mental health and needs through a trauma-informed and culturally responsive lens. This session will review unique experiences that gender-diverse youth encounter through the intersectionality of systems they are a part of.


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