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One Day Only
Saturday June 2, 2018


My dear friends,

I write with some sadness to convey to you that we have been unable to achieve the number of registrations needed to make Lives in the Balance conference sustainable.

Although we were not seeking to “make” money, we had hoped that the proceeds from the event would raise a significant sum toward the living expenses of Sobak Pakhi and his family upon their arrival in Canada. Unfortunately, despite considerable effort, we were not able to meet our expenses and, as we cannot lose money, we felt it was time to cancel the event we had planned.

As the team sought options for going forward, we all recognized the intensity of our desire to bring your strong voices togethers. And so, some possibilities emerged and we are seeking to determine what those might realistically be. We will be in touch with you as soon as we have word from our speakers and can make some decisions.

In the meantime, please know how much we appreciate your support for this project. Any of the options going forward would eliminate the conference registration fee for which we are happy to reimburse you. If you should choose to contribute a portion or all of your registration to the project, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount. Please let us know your desires in this regard.

We are committed to the work of supporting those who live in judgment or fear because of their views. We are contuing to fundraise for Sobak and his family and hope you will join us in this effort. Thank you for being an advocate of this work alongside us.

All my best,

Gretta Vosper
For Lives in the Balance Committee
Raihan Abir
Mike Garvey
Martin Frith
We are committed to returning all registration fees for the conference. For any conference registrants who would like to donate their registration fee, please indicate below. If you choose YES, you will receive a tax receipt; if you choose No, your registration fee will be returned to you.
I will turn my conference registration into a donation for Sobak and receive a tax receipt.
You can still help by Crowd Funding...by donating through Humanist Canada's new crowd funding platform and help raise funds with people you know. Check it out and we'd be glad to walk you through it. As always, Humanist Canada does not share it's membership list with anyone or any organization..
A year ago, West Hill received permission to sponsor one of the most threatened Bangladeshi bloggers and his family. Sobak Pakhi , a pen name, has been in hiding since September, 2015. Sobak, his wife and two children have been approved for settlement and are waiting for their application to be processed. While we are eager for them to arrive, our task is to raise the required minimum of $28,000 in sponsorship funds. Just imagine the costs for a family of four in Toronto.