ActionCOACH Hot Tip of the Week
Do you need a change?
The formula for change is
(D x V) + F > R, which is to say, when dissatisfaction x vision + first steps is greater than resistance, then change may occur. 
Local Businesses Share
In the coming weeks, we are interviewing local business owners to see how they are doing. We are publishing brief articles about each business - maybe you can relate to some of these business owners? Please consider supporting these businesses. Contact us to be interviewed at or call us at 509-455-5053.
Interview #1
Owner: Dr. Kim White
What the business does: Upper cervical care for patients suffering from neck pain, mid-and-lower back pain, spinal injury or other chronic health conditions. "I have a chiropractic office, non-traditional chiropractic care, very gentle, non-manipulative; I see people of all ages."

Target audiences: 30-40 years old that are active, trying to lead a healthier less painful life; but we see all ages.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? "For me, it has given me a chance to slow down; I've spaced out the time in between patients, and spent more time with patients; I had come back from maternity leave on March 9, was only back a week and a half before we shut down. Did receive PPP; never had to shut down completely, but we really just saw people with urgent issues." She said they are taking all safety precautions.

What has she learned? From the beginning, I wish I would have put together a better marketing plan – who to focus on with a target audience; was just picking random promotions.

She is inspired by: There is a lot of focus on health right now, people thinking about their health; it's inspiring when people are coming in to find out what they can do to improve their health.

Contact: Dr. Kim White,, 509-924-4443
Interview #2
Owner: Matt Graupner
What the business does: Started in 2005 – 16 years in business; we do Washington and Idaho - auto, home, business, and life insurance; we can insure almost anything. We are a 1099 private contractor so we deal with about 40 companies; we can insure people using a variety of options. We can insure traditional things and non-traditional such as an animal, rental home, trailers, etc…

Target audiences: Local homeowners, families, business owners. The changing needs of families adding and removing drivers, taking vehicles to college, we try to keep the cost down; business owners – insurance, bonds, tools coverage, professional liability; we work with a lot of contractors.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? An awful lot of our clients have been affected; trying to find ways to proactively reach out to people; find creative solutions to help clients; making temporary adjustment as needed (going down to one car; providing them with solutions; people have had more time being laid off or working from home.)

What has he learned? He said that a lot of insurance agents never leave their desks. But he loves to go out and visit clients, and does so routinely. He has been trying to help during the pandemic by delivering supplies.

He is inspired by: The legacy we can leave for our children.

Special offer: No obligation review of existing policies.

Contact: Matt Graupner, 509-232-8085
Interview #3
Owner: Jim Owens
What the business does: Computer and IT support for businesses, either on-site or remotely; new or old systems, upgrades, and networking. They work with all industries.

Target audiences: Small organizations – 200 users or less, most people would probably target a certain $ volume; but, they can help a lot of different businesses. "We meet people where they are, and can do maintenance packages, but sometimes it is one-time solutions."

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? Business has been good during the COVID-19 shutdown and restrictions. They have been able to conduct a lot of remote meetings, which has been helpful.

What has he learned? One of the biggest mistakes, more common than not among business owners, is operating on cash flow as opposed to profit. Sometimes you feel that you have to – poor cash flow management can be a challenge; running on profit is better.

He is inspired by: "Relationships that I get to build with people, I enjoy people, helping them, getting to know them, learning about their life and struggles."

Special offer: Free initial consultation – discuss IT pain and troubles you are having, anything with information technology and discuss how you’d like things to work. Networking, computers, services, training.

Contact: Jim Owens, Mobile: 509-288-7095, Main: 833-ITCONNECT,,
Interview #4
Owner: Melody Biehl
What the business does: They provide a home away from home for those going through cancer treatments in the greater Spokane area. They also provide gas cards and other donated services. The business started in 2004 and has served folks from Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska with their residential home.

Target audiences: Cancer patients, care givers and friends.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? First, they take cleaning and safety of the home very seriously. Second, they were impacted by having non-essential surgeries and procedures on hold at hospitals and clinics. That slowed down the visits by those in treatment.

What has she learned? I started a nonprofit knowing nothing; wondering what was I thinking? Always reaching out to others that had started a nonprofit; trying to find people who knew what I didn't know. Another thing, saying, “I can do this all by myself," it's best to find people to put around you - volunteer board members – finding a good fit; surrounding myself with people who have done that. Joining Executive Women's International was a good thing.

She is inspired by: Jesus. Also, having opportunities to sing and song-write and to work with other artists.

Special offer: Please check the website for donation opportunities,

Contact: Melody Biehl, Business phone: 509-939-9672
Interview #5
Owner: Kristin Goff

What the business does: Started in 1943, Wendle Ford is a car dealership specializing in Ford and Nissan, new and pre-owned inventory; also offering services, detailing, and more.

Target audiences: People buying vehicles

How has COVID-19 impacted your business: It shut down car sales, but we kept parts and service open. But there have been a lot of positives such as digital retailing, pick up and delivery of vehicles, pre-qualified online appraisals, online service appointments, online vehicle purchases.

What has she learned: Not realizing earlier in my career some of my weaknesses and not pushing myself to work on them.

She is inspired by: Our team and customers and leaders in the community reaching out to others.

Special offer: - check out the specials on the website.

Contact: Kristin Goff, Wendle Ford, 509-581-5268
ActionCLUB Totally Revamped and Offered this Fall
What's new?

  • Virtual only
  • Meets 1x per week for 1 hour
  • Only $99 per month for 3 months (super cost savings!)
  • Each week features instruction on business principles
  • Each week provides you the opportunity to work on your business with real, actionable tasks to move the business forward
  • Engaging and fun

At the conclusion of ActionCLUB (mid-November), leave with the following things completed:

  • Goals, plans and a solid direction for the future of the business
  • Marketing Plan
  • An understanding of systems development for more efficiency and to leverage your time
  • Core values, mission and vision for the business
  • Understanding of business financials and the numbers that matter
  • Knowledge on selling, communication, and working with customers
  • Organizational chart and information on better hiring
  • 5 Ways to increase revenue and profits