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Norm Ames Named IDRPP Division Director

Norman Ames is the new director of a Utah State University division tasked with helping organizations improve services for people with disabilities and their families on the national and international stage.
ADHD is not Absent Father Syndrome

Guest blogger Jacqueline Harris visits the history of mental illness as it was perceived in minorities, as well as her personal journey toward becoming her own best advocate. "Because it’s Black History Month, I will summarize. Psychology, much like religion, has often been used to explain and justify that black people and/or minorities are inferior," she writes. "Knowing about the past, is it any wonder many black people feel how they do about mental illness?"
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DDNJ Podcast: Physical Activity is for Everyone

With a limited opportunities and an excess of barriers, it can be challenging for individuals with disabilities to be involved in physical exercise.
In this interview with our Executive Director Matthew Wappett, Dr. Samantha Ross and Bridgette Schram explore the barriers and solutions for people with disabilities face to participate in accessible and inclusive physical activity.

Our blog offers the interview, plus resources for designing inclusive recreation programs.
Read and listen on our blog.
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LCPD Weekly Meeting
Every Monday at 12:30 PM
Participate via Zoom

Early ECHO Session: Dr. Tom Higbee on Autism
March 2 at 12:00 PM
Register on the website.
For more information, visit Early ECHO's website.

UVU 2022 Autism Conference
March 3-4
Register on the website.
For more information, visit UVU's website.
$75 in-person / $65 virtual

Project SCOPE: Dr. Casey Tak on Pregnancy & Substance
March 9 at 12:00 PM
Register on the website.
For more information, visit Project SCOPE's website.

WebAIM: Virtual Web Accessibility Training
March 9-10
Register on the website.
$500 (Group Discount Available)

IDEA Fiscal Forum 2022 - Part C
March 14-17
Register on the website.

Workplace Supports Training - Virtual
March 16 at 9:00 AM
Register on the website.
Completion of online modules required in advance

Annual Networking Summit for State Special Education Directors & SEA Staff
March 18-19
Location: Connecticut
Register on the website.

IDEA Fiscal Forum 2022 - Part B
March 21-24
Register on the website.

ACRE Employment Specialist Training - Virtual
March 22-24
Register on the website.

Project SCOPE: Heidi Dutson on the Opioid Crisis
March 23 at 12:00 PM
Register on the website.
For more information, visit Project SCOPE's website.

Webinar: Hiring, Training, & Retaining Employees
March 29 from 12:00 PM
Register on the website.
Bookshelf filled with colorful books
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network published two toolkits to aide self-advocates. The first resource offers information about oppression and equity. The toolkit is a curriculum for self-advocates and covers a range of topics.

During Disability Advocacy Day 2022, this breakout session discussed the importance of building relationships and sharing ideas with elected officials when advocating.

This resource serves as a guide to assist in scheduling, planning, and conducting a legislative visit.

During Disability Advocacy Day 2022, members of the Disability Law Center provide information on how the Legislature works and where funding streams come from.

During Disability Advocacy Day 2022, Dr. Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg teaches that identity of self, family, disability, and community are all important factors when co-advocating.

During Disability Advocacy Day 2022, Tylee Harmon and Eric Stoker discuss the importance of self-advocacy and how to be an effective advocate.

This article offers tips and tricks to help people advocate through social media.
Access all Disability Advocacy Day 2022 resources & keynotes here: