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Thank you for attending the Howell Foundation’s Luncheon, Urine Trouble: Women’s Bladder Health and the Urinary Microbiome ", with Dr. Linda Brubaker. We hope you learned as much as we did about our urobiome, its relationship to recurring urinary tract infections and the new research leading to its treatment, espcecially in the era of antibiotic resistance. You can read the main takeaways from the luncheon here .
Of specific interest were the projects of the 2019 candidates that received the Cheryl A. Wilson Graduate Research Award in Nursing. Both, Teresa Nguyen and Loralie Woods will be researching substance abuse during pregnancy. You can read about them here .

Lastly, put the next Howell Lecture Luncheon on your calendar! On Thursday, November 14, 2019, the Howell Foundation will be hosting UCSD Medical Oncologist Rebecca A. Shatsky, M.D. & Brooke Emerling, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Sanford Burnham Prebys; both doing incredible research on metastatic breast cancer.

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