The blue star above the word "Arkansas" on the State Flag represents the state's membership in the Confederacy.

But one politician is working on legislation to change that.

"We have never accurately recognized the native tribes that were here," said Rep. Charles Blake, D- Little Rock.

The Arkansas legislature adopted the official State Flag in 1913. It amended the design to reflect the state's involvement in the Confederacy in 1924 when  the tate government made it the way it is today.

The 25 stars in the shape of a diamond on the state flag signify Arkansas becoming the 25th state to join the Union. The three stars under the word "Arkansas" partially represent how Arkansas belonged to three countries: France, Spain and the U.S. "Before France and Spain, there were Native Americans," Rep. Blake said. That's why he believes the star above the word "Arkansas" should instead honor the contributions Native Americans have made to the Natural State.

The Arkansas division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are calling the legislation ignorant. Its commander, Robert Edwards, said the Confederacy has nothing to do with this battle, calling the accusation "a lie from the pits of Hell."

"Until all of our African American legislators remove their blinders of slavery, we won't see a full picture," Edwards added.

Rep. Blake said he held his legislation in light of the Governor's bill to end the Robert E. Lee holiday. But he said that he may run the bill this year if there's a special session.


A State Representative from Shreveport could revive efforts to save the display of Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

State Representative Thomas Carmody has filed HB71 for the upcoming legislative session. The bill would make it illegal for any local government to remove monuments if they memorialize any "historical military figure, historical military event, military organization, or military unit."

According to The Times-Picayune, the City of New Orleans is moving forward with plans remove the monuments before the Bill can move through the legislative process. The city is expected to unveil competitive bids for removal work early next month.


Here is the link to a Texas Bill that must be stopped:

Even if you do NOT live in Texas please call Commitee Chairman John Frullo @ 512-463-0674 and let him respectfully know NOT TO RAISE HOUSE BILL 2224 IN HIS COMMITTEE!!!
The Bill, if passed, will replace "Confederate Heroes Day" with "Civil War Remembrance Day" as a state holiday.


Good news! Thanks to your help, our protection bill passed unanimously through the third of three required committees in the House and now moves onto the House floor.

But it is still stalled in the Senate! We have been advised we must get Senator Bracy's Criminal Justice Committee to hear the bill. Many of you have called and emailed him to no avail.

We now must take a different approach - we must put pressure on him from other avenues to hear the bill.

We believe Senator Wilton Simpson, the Senate Majority Leader, may be able to influence Bracy to hear the bill - but he needs to hear from us.

Senator Simpson lives in Dade City and serves Pasco, Hernando and Citrus County.

IT MUST make it through this committee to advance in the Senate AND YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to ask Sen. Simpson's help in getting Sen. Bracy to hear Senate Bill 418.

Please call Senator Simpson -in Tallahassee 850-487-5010 and at his Spring Hill office: 352-540-6074

If we don't act, we will have missed this opportunity and it is unlikely that we will have another opportunity - certainly NOT THIS YEAR!

What to say when you call:

a. identify yourself as a Florida voter (if you live in Sen. Simpson's district mention that as well);

b. tell him (or his aide) that House Bill 529 has passed all its committees - the House understands that Veteran's Memorials Deserve Respect;

c. tell him the Companion Bill in the Senate - SB 418 - is not being heard by Sen. Bracy and we need his help to get Sen. Bracy to hear the bill.

Let's really let Sen. Simpson know this BILL IS IMPORTANT TO FLORIDA VOTERS.


The A.H. Stephens Camp No. 78, Sons of Confederate Veterans will place flags on the graves of all Confederate veterans buried in Sumter County, Georgia during April in observance of the Confederate History & Heritage Month. 

All members, and the public, who would like to participate in this event should meet at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 2 at the American Legion Hall, (923 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.)
Participants will be assigned a cemetery, divided into teams, and issued the flags that will be needed for each location.

The SCV have compiled a list of approximately 500 Confederate veterans buried in Sumter County. In past years, the Camp has placed flags primarily at Oak Grove Cemetery in Americus, where approximately 300 Confederate veterans are buried. This year's goal was to add the rural cemeteries to the project in order to honor all the veterans in Sumter County.

If you have been reading Dixie Heritage for any length of time now then you know that we will be traveling to Cuba in May.

There is, now, as I continue to speak with the Cuban pastors I will be meeting with, a new opportunity that is before us that we must act on while the doors to Cuba are open.

There are many cities of big size that do not have even one Baptist Church in it. I will be leading a group to one of these cities in May, a city of over 10,000 people with no Baptist Church. It is our hope to plant a Church that week!

Would you prayerfully give $25 to the Cuba Project today?

Give $25 to the Cuba Project:  undefined

Phil Walters from Florida submits:

This Bill looks interesting, currently in the Florida Senate.  

Since the Confederate Battle flag is a "Cross of St. Andrews" do you think this could become a "secular"  message and protected under this proposed law? 

Could be good for our future if passed. I also think this grants additional protects to Christians & symbols in a public school setting.

Florida SB 436: Religious Expression in Public School - This bill creates the "Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act," protecting K-12 public school students, their parents, and school personnel from discrimination based on their religious belief and expression. The bill protects students from discrimination based on their religion in several ways. Regarding coursework, the bill requires that students' work be graded according to the expected academic standards, without regard for any religious content. Also, if students in a given school setting are permitted to wear clothing, jewelry, or accessories that display a secular message or symbol, then students may also wear items displaying religious messages or symbols. Moreover, the bill authorizes students to express themselves in a religious manner, and to engage in and organize religious activities to the same extent as secular expressions and activities are permitted. 

One of our readers submitted an interesting picture:

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This question will not be answered!
by Al Benson Jr.

The Deep State, the Democrats, some Republicans, George Soros and the entire political and religious Left continues unabated with their brazen attempt to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. And, as good cultural Marxists, they will do it any way they have to--no matter how crooked or underhanded. Also, as true cultural Marxists, they are busily accusing their opposition of doing the exact same things they have been doing. But this is par for the course--standard operating procedure for them.

The House Intelligence Committee has been focusing on Mr. Trump's supposed involvement with Russia and the Democrats even want the committee chairman, Mr. Nunes to recuse himself from any part in that because he visited the White House. In their opinion this is enough to render him unfit to chair the committee. One wonders why Loretta Lynch, recent head of the "Just Us" Department wasn't asked to recuse herself after she met with Slick Willie at the airport in Phoenix during the brouhaha over Hillary's emails. But you have to realize, that was "different."

Mr. Trump is finally beginning to publicly ask the questions he should have been asking right at the beginning. I don't know why he has waited so long, but, for whatever reason, it was too long!

Today he said: Why isn't the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill and Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech money to Bill, the Hillary Russian 'resets, praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta Russian company...?

These are all important questions and all should be addressed--but none ever will! No investigative body in Washington will ever bother with these questions. What the President needs to do is to keep asking them over and over and over, just like the fake scumbag "news" media does while continuing to harp on Trump's fake Russian scenario. It appears that there is nothing there, but that doesn't keep the minions of the Deep State from continuing to regurgitate their nonentities. Repeat something long enough and people believe it even if it is totally false. Trump needs to keep asking the questions, get others to ask the questions, and fill the alternative media with these questions--and then keep asking why he isn't getting any answers--over and over and over again. To some extent he has got to use their tactics against them.

And they are good questions--Why hasn't anyone bothered to talk about Hillary's deal that gave Russia 20% of our Uranium? Inquiring minds would really like to know, so the question needs to be asked again and again until we can at least get some political hack in Washington to lie to us about it. At that point his lie can be discussed, debated, and called out for what it really is.

The Deep State will never, ever, answer this question if they can avoid it--so we need to keep asking it until they get sick of hearing it--and then ask it some more!


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by H. K. Edgerton 

When John Brown first came South, he would sneak into the slave quarters delivering spikes to the African people with instructions that they were to use them to kill their Southern White families, or he would kill their babies, and family members.

Little did he understand that these Africans while afraid to tell or warn their White family members of his threats or intent; they had become use to the Southern White folks Christian charity, not to be construed with White folk guilt. And, were not even going to carry out this evil plot.

Here in the twenty first century, far too many Southern White folk equate White folk guilt, a disease manufactured by Yankees to lure Southern White folk into believing the false narrative in the public school system , and body politic, that they (Southern White's ) are guilty for the economic institution of slavery, that they fought a war to maintain it, and that throwing their ancestors into a cess pool of historic evil perpetrated by them against the African people will somehow vindicate them. And, lastly they are to think of this as White folk charity; which is a high misnomer.

And, furthermore, this White folk guilt has opened the door for the hatred analogous to what happened to the African people of the South during the twelve year period of so called reconstruction, as they were duped into turning against their only true friend in America; the Southern White man (still). See: the actions of Dylan Roof were caused by the Southern Cross, the Isis modus operandi - move and destroy the memorials to the Confederate soldier, move the Southern Cross as a symbol in State flags ( Georgia, Mississippi ), and worse of all to attack the good names of those Confederate Generals that befriended the African people.

White folk guilt is a greater enemy for the people of the South than anything . It bears no truth ,   serves no purpose other than moving Black folks back into the cess pool of reconstruction that put the love that black folks and White folks found for each other in the South almost asunder, in lieu of the economic institution of slavery, as the enemy of our fathers have come once again to steal what was left behind as we now face Southern social and cultural genocide with the new occupation.


Thanks for sharing, a good update as usual. Please pass on to Mr. Bessenger of S.C. a big, "well done," for the flag outside the NCAA event.  I totally agree with his statement,"We...are tired of seeing corporations and organizations attempt to bully Southern states into condemning their heritage and sacrificing the honor of their Confederate veterans on the altar of political correctness," Bessenger said."

Thanks again,
Jonathan Varnell

For the Union, coffee was a big deal. 
In fact, the word "coffee" shows up in Union letters and diaries more often than any other word-including words like "war," "bullet," "Lincoln," and "mother."

For Union troops, Coffee was a more regular part of soldier life than fighting. Every soldier was given a ration of 16 kilograms (36 lb) of coffee per year, and they drank it every morning. 

One rifle company even made a rifle that had a coffee grinder in the stock
Since most Union troops only fought two weeks per year, the coffee grinder ended up being used more than the bullets.

The Confederates, on the other hand, hardly had any coffee. 
Union blockades kept the Confederates from getting their daily caffeine fix. 

Some Confederate soldiers were so desperate for a java fix that they would brew potatoes and rye until they turned black, just to have a caffeine-free, bitter drink that the soldiers could pretend was coffee.

Caffeine may have actually made a strategic difference in the war. Union generals would time attacks based on when their men were most buzzed on caffeine, convinced that the extra rush from coffee gave their men a fighting advantage.


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