April 2022
April 21 | ISSUE 10

"Career Nexus" meets every Tuesday at 7 PM PST. Learn to empower your career by visiting the club!

"HaHaHa! Club" meets every Thursday at 6 PM PST. Learn to inject humor in your speeches by visiting the club!

Be a hero at your company! Start a club there now and share the benefits of Toastmasters with them. We'll show you how. Just email us at newclub@d101tm.org.
Enter the Hall of Fame!
Earn $40 in TI Gift Certificates when your Club:
  • Becomes Distinguished and earned <5 DCP goals last year
  • Becomes Select Distinguished and was Distinguished last year
  • Becomes President’s Distinguished and was Select Distinguished last year or remains President’s Distinguished as last year
The clock runs out on April 30th!
Grow your club back to it's base membership to earn District Credit!

Click HERE to find your Club’s base membership.

Questions? Contact our Membership Renewals Chair, Chie Kawahara, at renewals@d101tm.org
All good standing Club Presidents, VPE, and DEC members get one vote each. All eligible voting members will also receive a special email invitation from our Credentials Chair, Katherine Pratt.

Voting members MUST register by 12:30 PM on Friday, May 6 in order to receive a ballot emailed to them. Those who register after that time may attend the meeting but will not be able to vote.

Featured blog this month
8...12...20? What is the meaning behind these numbers? Elliotte Mao reveals the pros and cons of being a club coach and the significance of these numbers in "The Magic Numbers for Club Coaching".
Who is SEAN CONROY? Learn about him in our podcast!