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ADHD: Is It Hyperlink Thinking?
If you have ADHD, you may feel robbed of your productivity, stonewalled at remembering directions, manipulated by your emotions, and labeled by the wiring of your own brain!
There is no question that those with ADHD have different brain wiring, and you may be using the term "non-linear thinking" to describe your thinking experience. However, using that label to distinguish your thinking process from the more mainstream linear thinking sounds good, but what does non-linear thinking really look like?
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If the executive functioning brain is engaged, there are eight steps to regulate emotions that happen in a millisecond. Have you ever tried to pause in a millisecond? Imagine trying to pause in a millisecond if you have ADHD!

ADHD is a challenge of self-regulation. Both attention and emotions need to be regulated.To down-regulate emotions, according to Dr. Russell Barkley, is to modify an emotion itself. Sounds easy but hard to execute.
Is there wisdom in acknowledging that emotional self-regulation is hard for those with ADHD? David Giwerc gets it. Maybe you will, too, in listening to our interview! 
What is possible if we allow our children to understand the power they have to solve problems in schools? The question is how do we make that a reality? Thought leader Neil Peterson shares his insights and success.

You've got ADHD and you're thinking about disclosing it. Should you? Are there other strategies to accomplish the same outcome? Dr. Ari Tuckman discusses the concept of to tell or not to tell. Open your mind and be better prepared to make the decision.
Got ADHD? Let's look at the facts. ADHD dropout rates are higher for college students. They struggle to get through college, and even in their careers, and it takes longer to finish Jen Phillips and Julia Frost discuss the viability of those with ADHD thriving in the trades.

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ADHD is often said to be a difference in brain wiring. A neurotypical mindset might look at ADHD as being broken because it isn't set up to see the condition as just being different. In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper defines mindset and talks about how powerful it is to set up your mind differently to witness what others are blind to. As Jeff says, setting up the mind has the greatest impact on helping those with ADHD.
If you're in an ADHD relationship but are not aware of your partner's love language, or if you know your partner's love language but struggle to activate it, ADHD coach Jeff Copper discusses the five love languages and how they look in an ADHD environment to bring couples together.     
It's an effort to be organized and it's an effort to be disorganized. In the end, you can't escape the fact that it's going to take effort. ADHD coach Jeff Copper illuminates how it takes effort to be organized and effort to be disorganized. The question really comes down to motivation. 
Most people look at awareness as a thing. In reality, ADHD coach Jeff Copper sees it much more as a verb, a constant processing. He illuminates the notion that awareness is a verb and shares his insights to help those with ADHD manage their plight.
Meditation is very helpful for those with ADHD. It is also more challenging to execute as they're constantly bombarded with extraneous thoughts. ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his experience being hypnotized and a little trick he discovered to help him focus and meditate.
Managing ADHD is a challenge of self-regulation. Attention spans time; thinking spans time; it's a process. ADHD coach Jeff Copper sees two fundamental thinking processes and walks through two attention exercises using math to highlight the processes individually and then contrasts the two. 

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