NOVEMBER @ the MACC ... in review

Every year we accumulate a boatload** of statistics.
Besides being a gauge of our volume of work, the stats help tell the story of the variety of work we accomplish @ the MACC every year. While the stats inform the big picture, in order to tell the WHOLE story, it is imperative to know the stories behind the stats: the human aspect that brings the facts to life .
If you look at any of our published pieces, you will see many events listed for every month, every season, every year. What you don't see, is our internal/staff calendar that lists all of the meetings, classes, workshops, off-site events, development functions, and more: the WHOLE picture of this busy place.
By sharing a few of our stats with you, I hope that you will get a wider view of the many facets of the MACC.... and " face ts" is a word that definitely contains many FACE s.  It is the faces, after all, that tell the real story: the touching stories of the variety of ways that people in our community connect with the MACC.
Please take a moment to look over some of our factoids below, and to celebrate the many personal "MACC Moments" that you may have experienced within those numbers. Your presence here @the MACC has contributed to our stats, but more importantly: your FACEtime here contributes to the whole story of the MACC for which we thank you very much!
I look forward to seeing you in December, and in 2019 ... @ the MACC.

Art Vento, President & CEO

** Yes, ‘boatload' is a highly technical and precise term!
231,740 people
were @ the MACC this year! fiscal year '17/''18
231,740 people came to the MACC between June 30, 2017 and June 30, 2018 (our fiscal year). This includes attendees at any of the 1,602 events - ticketed and free shows, exhibitions, workshops, classes, what have you.... an astounding number of eyes and ears and hands and voices! And this includes any number of special moments and MACC memories....
56,284 people
came to FREE EVENTS @the MACC
Events like the MACC's Starry Night Cinema, ArT=Mixx, Ki Ho'alu Festival, 'Ukulele Festival, The Big Game, exhibits, and more drew 56,284 people of all ages, sizes, denominations, walks of life. There's something for everyone @ the MACC!
Quotes from festival attendees: "I love how inclusive this event is, to anyone who wants to join. The message of peace, love and understanding, especially to keiki, is the best." "We come every year - wouldn't miss it!" "Love the music, love the vibe!"
22,027 budding artists
explored VISUAL ARTS @the MACC
With multiple opportunities to explore an artistic side, 22,027 adults and children came to the MACC for events like Observe & Play Family Day, exhibit receptions and workshops, lectures, kids summer art programs, Art Works tours, and Starry Night art activities. Maui is a very creative place - especially @ the MACC!

"This is an amazing gallery because it's learning about art." (from a young gallery visitor)
555 teachers worked at their PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
@the MACC
For more than 22 years, the MACC has actively engaged in arts-integrated education though CanDo Days and teacher professional development workshops and institutes, working with both students and teachers on how to learn more effectively through, by, and with the arts. In fiscal year 2017-18, this meant the MACC hosted more than 73 teacher events involving a total of 8,412 participants, and 137 student events, involving 15,533 students .
That's a lot of paint, paper, crayons, musical notes, dance steps, songs, and poems!
3,784 Maui County residents
enjoyed ARTIST IN COMMUNTY activities
including Hāna - Molokaʻi - Lānaʻi

The MACC's Artist in the Community (AIC) program takes our performing artists off the stage and into the community, where residents of all Maui County - including those in senior care centers and more far-flung areas like Hāna, Molokaʻi, and Lānaʻi may enjoy the show too - 3,784 Maui County residents last year alone! AIC also explores relationships between visiting artists and our island, and takes on the mentoring of Maui's students and developing artists - leading to world-wide bonds through the arts.  read more
MACC members and donors help support the many programs that
 "The MACC presents..." throughout the year.

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