Happenings @ the MACC January 2019
In addition to bringing the best of the world to Maui, two of the community-based initiatives that we strive to maintain @ the MACC are: 1) to bring the artists who perform and exhibit here into contact with the people of our Maui community, creating deeper artist-to-audience connections; and 2) to enhance the development of our island artists with opportunities to learn and be inspired by the world's working professionals.

Recently, we had a perfect example of how well this can be accomplished. When the swing/big band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy came to town the first time in 2016, we set the stage for a great Artist in Community episode at one of our high schools. When the BBVD band came back in January 2019, we continued the story -- and the results were even greater than what we could have imagined! Read on, in the panels below
Great narratives like this happen because we care about the artists who spring from Maui, as well as the artists who come to our shore. When we bring audience and artist together in these 'extracurricular" activities, great bonds are forged: our local and young artists get the benefits of mentoring, and the touring artists learn more about our unique community.

I hope as -- you watch some of the many shows coming up this year and view the numerous artworks on exhibit -- you will remember that what you see on stage is only one part of the MACC story: behind the curtains, so much more may be happening!

I look forward to seeing you soon, in the community ... @ the MACC.
Art Vento, President & CEO
The MACC presents ... BIG BANDS!
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
King Kekaulike HS Na Ali ʻ i Band
In 2016, the MACC brought the band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy of Ventura, California, for a concert in Castle Theater. The day prior to their performance, we arranged for some of the professional musicians in BBVD to visit the King Kekaulike High School music room, and conduct a Horn Clinic with student musicians in the school's jazz band.

The clinic and the concert were big hits!

After the 2016 visit by the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy musicians, one of the young Maui trumpet players took lessons online with the lead trumpet player.

In January 2019, BBVD came back for another concert in the Castle, and five BBVD horn players went back to the high school to again work with the students.  Watch the result!
In 2016, the students who were part of the Horn Clinic were thrilled to see their mentors in action at the concert. This year, not only did the students get to see the whole big BBVD band in action ... but the King Kekaulike Na Ali'i band opened the evening with a beautiful pre-show concert on the Yokouchi Pavilion stage. They got a standing ovation!
Watch the original session of BBVD & KKHS in their 2016 horn clinic:
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