Incivility at work can be as simple as failing to recognize an employee or team member for their noteworthy contributions, especially when you want to strengthen your organization’s values and leadership attitudes. Incivility can also be expressed through yelling, showing rudeness in neglecting an employee’s presence in the room, and making sarcastic comments even if they are meant to be a joke. Employees may take such behavior out of context and feel personally attacked because of it.

Discrimination on the basis of age can manifest in a number of different ways, most obviously hiring or promoting only younger employees without regard to actual qualifications, or replacing older employees with younger employees. However, treating employees differently with regard to job assignments and tasks on the basis of age as opposed to actual ability to perform those assignments/tasks may also constitute workplace age discrimination.
When implementing your own in-house training program or selecting a compliance training vendor, be advised that there are several steps that need to be completed to meet Federal and State compliance.

In this beneficial and informative Sexual Harassment Training Best Practices Checklist, you will learn about:

  • Trainer Qualifications
  • Visual Presentation Qualifications
  • Training Materials and Handouts
  • Company Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy
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