le 1 juin,  2018

Dear Lycée Community,

    When I was invited to become part of the Lycée family in 2013, I never imagined that this school would become such a huge part of my life. Initially I was asked to spend a year here while the board would conduct a nationwide search for a permanent head of school. I promised not to be a placeholder principal and began putting my own stamp on this very young school.  The more I learned about Lycée and its mission, and the passionately committed parents, the more committed I became to the success of this unique educational endeavor. Together we were creating a school unlike any other in North America. And now five years later, we've taken the ideals expressed by Lycée's founders and made them tangible. Together, we've created a world-class school staffed by the best dedicated professionals from throughout the US and from francophone nations around the world. Our students are inquisitive risk takers, and exuberant learners, and they're supported by parents who expect the best for, and from, their children.  We are proud to be one of the most diverse schools in our great city, and we're committed to providing this world class education to every child who wants it.  

      I've had the privilege of being principal of seven very fine schools in my 45-year career (two of them even received national Blue Ribbon status from the US Department of Education), and none of them had a better mission than Lycée. Not one of them had a more creative academic program. None of them was more diverse. None of them had a better parent support group. None of them even came close to all this school offers! I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work alongside all of you, and I am forever changed by the experience.  

     Now, as I prepare to turn the reigns over to the extremely talented visionary, Marina Schoen, I thank all of you for gifting me with the privilege of getting to know you and your precious children.  

With profound gratitude,

L Keith Bartlett

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Marina Schoen has been with the school for 5 years as the Chief Academic officer before being promoted to CEO. She is responsible for all aspects of academic life including, aligning curriculum with the French National Curriculum and LDoE standards, as well as, overseeing and assessing academic accountability. Since 2013 Marina has worked to develop the Thinking Outside the Classroom program, in which students learn through hands-on experiential learning throughout New Orleans, i.e. the Audubon Zoo, The New Orleans Jazz Museum, and the Aquarium of the Americas. She is working with CODOFIL, the LDoE, and representatives of the French Ministry of Education to create academic structures for the future high school.

Marina looks forward to seeing you advance our mission:

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans students will matriculate into the finest colleges and universities throughout the world. Lycée Français will provide the opportunity for its students to achieve both the French Baccalaureate and the Louisiana high school diploma in an academically challenging and culturally diverse educational environment.


First, we want to thank everyone who has participated in our survey. We deeply appreciate your thoughtful responses and look forward to using this information to make our school better. If you haven't already completed it, there's still time! The deadline is Sunday, June 3rd.   

This is an anonymous survey and your identity will not be tracked.  The goal of this survey is to learn about your language background and the reasons you chose to enroll your child in a dual language program. 

Please note, if you have more than one child enrolled, please complete only one survey per household.  Thank you all again for your time and participation.

Link to form: bit.ly/2simMHJ


Please welcome La Liason's 2018-2019 Board Members. We are excited to work with you during the 2018-2019 school year! As always you can reach us by emailing pto@lfno.org. Pictures of our new board will be up on the website soon. Have a wonderful summer everyone.

Richard Peters (President)
Kristy Saunders (Vice President)
Jen Jeanmard (Treasurer)
Marieke Franz (Secretary)

General Directors:
Lisa Soto
Shannon Faulstick
Alexandra Plaisance
Nina Quinn
Sonia Alvarez
Gustavo Kawakami
Elishia McAllister
Janeen Holley
Brittany Bloom-Peters


Ms. Annie's 6th and 7th grade students ended the year in English with a performance-based unit, wherein students analyzed how meaning is communicated through volume, tone and body language. 7th grade students prepared monologues to perform, and 6th grade students worked collaboratively to perform short, "readers theater" pieces. On the last Tuesday of school, students had the opportunity to share their work with the entire middle school for Lycée's first end-of-year performance event,"Défilé Dramatique." 


Be sure to read our student's Spring 2018, Art and Literature magazine, "En Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge". Submissions were sent in by 3rd - 7th graders over the second half of the year. The project was organized by Annie Neahring and curated by the editorial committee, comprised of 6th and 7th graders: Stella, Bella, Julia, Evie C., Lenore, Svara, Kate R., Isabel P., Isabelle M., Elijah J. and Madeline. Many thanks to everyone for their hard work! Read it HERE.


Congratulations to amazing first and second grade Lycée dancers extraordinaires on their award-winning performances! Friday, May 18th, our students participated in the Mindsteppers competition and were the only ones to take home 3 gold awards! Students performed  swing and merengue dances and competed against 9 other classes from New Orleans' schools.  Many thanks to our teachers for diligently rehearsing: Mme Claire, Mme Blandine, Mme Luce and Mme Joey.

You can read more about the event here:

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IBM Cyber Day for Girls
WHAT: If you're responsible for middle-school girls, you know social media is their second language. But do you know how to help protect their identity online? And did you know the STEM classes they love could lead to a hot career in cybersecurity? 

Since 2016, IBM® has been hosting "IBMCyberDay4Girls" events in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and most recently in Nigeria, to promote cybersecurity education. Throughout this full-day experience designed just for seventh- and eighth-grade girls, they will learn about the Internet of Things, participate in group activities such as basic threat modelling, and get to know some of the women of IBM who can tell them what it's like to work in the tech industry.

WHEN: June 10,  12:00 PM - 4:30 PM
WHERE: Intercontinental Hotel. 

Clay Camp in Mid City/Bayou St. John Area
WHEN: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
June 7 - 15 (ages 10-15)
June 18-22 (ages 7-10)
June 25 - 29 ALL AGES
WHAT:  Campers work with clay to make pottery and sculptures. They will learn how to build forms with clay slaps and coils. All skill levels are welcome. 
COST: $200/Week, or $40/day. First session is $280.
For more info contact: Stacey Stanfill at  staceystanfill@hotmail.com

Kids Bike Day - THIS SUNDAY
WHEN: Sunday, June 3.
WHO:  Open and free to all participants with most activities geared towards kids 5-12 years old. Kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must sign a waiver in order to ride. While there will be a limited number of bikes for use, kids are encouraged to bring their own bike and helmet. Restrooms and light refreshments will be made available for all attendees.
WHAT:  This will be a fun day to encourage kids to have fun and be safe while biking. We hope this end of the school year celebration will encourage kids to be active and safe on their bikes all summer. 
WHERE: Milne Rec Center - 5420 Franklin Avenue

Girl Scout Brownie Troup 46059
WHERE: Audubon Park (St. Charles Ave. & Walnut St. side)
WHEN: Saturday June 9
TIME: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
WHAT: Join us for our Lycée rising 2nd grade troop planning playdate. Can't make it? Contact us and let us know your daughter is interested. *Limited number of spots available*
Contact info: Text or email
Russhele 985.222.4466, rfolse08@gmail.com
Andi 504.430.4374, andiosborne504@gmail.com

St. Paul's UCC's Vacation Bible School
WHEN: June 25 - 29. Begins 8:30 - 11:30 AM
WHERE: 600 Eleonore St.
WHO: Children ages 3 - 12
WHAT:  Throughout the week we will tell and retell this story with drama, crafts, singing, and playing. The children will be lead to empathize with the prodigal son, his brother, and his father and to appreciate the importance of grace and forgiveness in the story and in their lives. 
COST: Free
REGISTER: Email Pastor Andrew at ageenhaw@gmail.com with the names and ages of your children and attach this  PERMISSION FORM  to reserve a spot.

IDIYA Labs & Xavier University: Iron Man Summer Camp Vol. 1
WHEN: July 16 - 20, 23 - 27
COST: $350/week
WHO:  Children 10 - 14 years old
WHAT: These classes are designed to help build the initial prototype. These modules assist heroes in developing the structure of a suit while helping them gain knowledge in electronics, design, and coding. By the end of this course, heroes will have a working prototype and base for future development and testing.

Playmakers Indoor South
WHAT: Playmakers Indoor South is a state-of-the-art indoor turf facility offering leagues, drop-in play, field rental, parties, camps, and clinics.  

calendarMark your calendar...  
  • Meet & Greet: Monday, August 13th
  • First Day of School for the 2018 - 2019 School Year: Wednesday, August 15th

This is NOT a complete list of school events. 

Did you know? 

This week, Principal Keith was presented with a wonderful scrapbook filled with drawings and messages from students and staff! The project was organized by Lilly Schmidt, a big shout out to her for organizing, collecting, and assembling such a memorable gift for an unforgettable principal. Thank you to everyone who participated and a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Keith for his dedication and service to Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans.

By using refillable water bottles, our staff and students have saved a total of 9 3, 0 02  plastic bottles from the landfill.
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