August 2021
Our goal is to build and sustain free housing that will support patients and their families in North Central Montana.
For many years, there has been a great need in our community for patient housing while receiving outpatient treatment. A patient housing facility has become our top priority.
Read inspiring highlights below!
The day has finally come where we are able to share that our facility has an opening date! Please join us on August 17th from four to six p.m. for a ribbon cutting and grand opening event!

Check out our Walnut Donor Tree the next time you are in our facility!

Individual leaves are still available per $5,000 donation. The Donor Tree is truly a focal point!

We want to thank all of our donors, and local businesses who have worked with us to have this dream become a reality. We wouldn't be where we are without you!
Meet Our 2021 Leaving a Legacy Sponsors!
We have started accepting sponsorships for our annual event! We are so excited to host the second annual Leaving a Legacy Gala on October 22, 2021.
Dr. Thomas and Dena Warr
Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Warr for your generous sponsorship to the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation! Dr. Warr is an oncologist at the Great Falls Clinic and is also a member of our Board.
Dr. Bob and Lori Henderson
Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Henderson for your Elite Sponsorship! Dr. Henderson is a retired physician at the Great Falls Clinic, and Lori is a nurse working at the Clinic. Dr. Henderson is also a member of the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation's Board. Thank you again!
Thank You To Our Ultimate and Platinum Sponsors
Volunteer Opportunities!
We are in need of volunteers this week or next to help with light cleaning, laundry, making beds, and organization. Just 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time would be so appreciated.

Signing up is easy! Just complete the Contact Form on our website at You can also email or call (406) 216-8057.

Want to contribute in another way? Please contact us!
Read real-life stories about patients and families living in our Montana communities and how we can make a difference!
A Donor and Patient: Meet Craig and Janis Ulrich

Hello, my name is Craig Ulrich. My wife Janis and I are from Conrad, Montana. I travel to Great Falls, MT to receive cancer treatment. This is the fifth time I have been diagnosed with cancer. Most recently, I was diagnosed with bronchial cancer, but I have also been treated for lung cancer, colon cancer, and cancer in my arm, and skin cancer. I started treatment for my most recent diagnosis on July 6th, and am due to finish treatment on August 20th. My treatment consist of radiation and chemotherapy. When I have radiation, my appointments last around 45 minutes. When I am having chemo and radiation together, my treatment lasts 3 to 4 hours. I drive to Great Falls every day for treatment.

I have had the best experience with the Oncology Staff at the Great Falls Clinic. They care about their patients deeply, and are committed to an individual level of care that I value tremendously. From the receptionist at the front desk, to my scheduler, to the oncology nurses and providers, you can tell that their focus and priority is patient care. Cancer treatment is not enjoyable, but they do their best to make it the best experience I can have.

It was the level of personal care I received at the Great Falls Clinic Oncology Department that made me and my wife’s decision to donate easy. We wanted to donate to the Legacy Foundation to honor their efforts and dedication. I know how a job can get to you over the course of time. I also know how well patients will be treated here, which made me and my wife’s decision to donate easy. The staff here have not let their job make them jaded to their patient’s needs. 
July Great Falls Clinic Payroll Deduction Donor Winner: Deb Gruel
We are so appreciative of all of our donors at the Great Falls Clinic! If you work at the Clinic, you can sign up for payroll deductions, which enters you in a special drawing once a month!

July's prize was a Gift Card to WALMART! CONGRATS TO THE *WINNER* DEB GRUEL!

We will be drawing one PTO day PER QUARTER now! 

Every $10 you donate per month (keep in mind there are two pay periods per month, sometimes three), you will be entered one time. For example: Joe donates $5 per pay period so he have ONE entry. Sally donates $20 per pay period so she will have FOUR entries!

Participation is EASY! Just sign up for payroll deduction by contacting Audrey Phillips at or call at (406)216-8057.
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Is there an event or fundraiser you want the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation to host? Contact Audrey Phillips at (406)216-8057 or at
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Review updates on our current capital campaign efforts to build our patient housing facility here!
Current Campaign Status Update - 77% Completion!
Recently, the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation "Building Hope" Campaign surpassed the $2.64 million mark. An unexpected escalation of the design and construction fees from 2020 increased our capital campaign goal to $3.4 million. But with our newest campaign update, we have successfully raised over 77% of the funds needed for this project.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering for the Foundation, we could certainly use your help! Please call (406) 216-8057, email or click the button below.
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July 2021 Donors
Here we recognize our donors for each month in the following month's newsletter. Below is a list of donor names that donated to our Foundation last month:

  • Brian Allison
  • Reed and Carissa Bassett
  • Grant and Doree Bebee
  • Rhetta Brandt
  • Bonnie Bryant
  • Candace Buday
  • Kensie Butts
  • Central Plumbing, Heating, Excavation
  • Cathy Christianson
  • Amanda and Scott Cunningham
  • DA Davidson Companies
  • Margaret Dailey
  • Rick and Haley Denzer
  • Downtown Great Falls Association
  • Electric City Coffee
  • Krista Fuhringer
  • Deb Gruel
  • Nancy Hamill
  • Ashland Hasner
  • Ashleigh Heichelbech
  • Leisa Hotaling
  • ICL Specialty Fertilizers
  • Zoe Irvin
  • David and Kathy Jenkins
  • David and Beth Jerdon
  • Lindsey Kadner-DeBolt
  • Vickie Keith
  • Sandy Kempa
  • Danielle Kimmett

  • Kingsbury Memorial Foundation
  • Melissa Kingsland
  • Patsy Kirkhart
  • Barbara Lankford
  • Todd and Heidi LePard
  • Erin Loecker
  • Gayle Mauler
  • Robert and Ardie McClure in Memory of Sarah Irene McClure
  • Mary McGivern
  • Rachelle Murphy
  • Sara Murphy
  • Amanda and Sean Murray
  • National Laundry Co.
  • Stacy Newman
  • Laurie Olson
  • Jackson and Audrey Phillips
  • Kendra and Dom Puckett
  • Allan and Tina Rabbitt
  • Meghan Ratliff
  • Kenneth and Krista Roberts
  • Sandy Robinson
  • Markie Rohrback
  • Kimberly Schwartz
  • Samantha Jean Shinaberger
  • Zachary and Kari Smith
  • Wyman and Dee Taylor in Memory of James Hinch
  • The Farmer's Daughter Fibers
  • United Way of Cascade County
  • Paula Walter
  • Miriam and Michael Walters
  • Dr. Thomas and Dena Warr
  • Charlcie Woodruff
  • Sheila Yuhas
  • Sarah Zook
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