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Welcome Back!
Welcome to the 2019-2010 Destination Imagination tournament year. We look forward to see all of you and your team members again.

Tournament Date Information
We are currently waiting to hear from Douglas County School District on a date for our tournament. We have asked for two dates March 7, 2020 is our first choice and February 29, 2020 as a second choice. As soon as we have a confirmed date we will let you know.

Brand New DI Web site
Over the summer a band of creatives took on the task of creating a entirely new web site for not only the state but for each region as well. While parts of it are still a work in progress (eg: instant challenge page) the bulk of it is ready to go. Here you'll find helpful hints for team managers, a page for parents and all the important calendar dates. The South Metro page will have info for just our South Metro teams. It will be up dated regularly.

Regional Director x3
We decided it was better to share the workload of Regional Director than having Connie carry the bulk of the job. As large as South Metro has become it's now an overwhelming task for one person. Last year Kayla Steffens stepped in to assist, but this year we decided to use divided and conquer method. While each of us can help you with anything you need, individually we are focusing on specific areas.
Connie Ackerman will continue to focus on the tournament specifically. Scheduling, working with the host school district, making sure your membership, background checks etc are in order.
Kayla Steffens is focusing her time and energy on recruiting new teams. If you need a parent night arranged, or would like to have us talk with your admin, please contact her!
Debi Tipton will be in charge of communication. We want to make sure you have the most current information for your teams. She will updating our web site with information and getting these newsletter out to you.

Again, each of us is available to help you.

Overall, the RDx3 Team will be working together to put on the very best tournament and to make sure you have a great DI year!

Wine & Wisdom Nights - Team Manager Support
Here's a monthly opportunity to sit down with other Team Managers and talk over different topics. The first Wine & Wisdom Night is this Friday, September 7 at 7:00 pm. If you plant to attend RSVP to Dacia Donohue and she will give you her address. This is an adults only get together, please leave the kids at home.

  • Tonight’s Topics: Kick off, team start up, planning
  • You Must RSVP to Dacia Donohue
  • Bring a drink and light snack to share.
  • If you have a specific topic you want to cover, email Dacia, she’ll work it in!

For the remaining Wine & Wisdom nights see our web site: South Metro

South Metro Newsletters
On the first Monday of each month you will get a newsletter containing information pertaining to the South Metro region, training dates, deadlines etc.

On the second Monday of the month we will send out a newsletter to help you manage your team. Team building ideas, instant challenge tips,How to break down the challenges in to smaller chunks, getting ready for tournament, etc.

Additional Web Site Links:

Training Dates - Get these dates on your calendar now.

Team Manager's Page - Loads of useful information

Private Facebook page for Team Managers - You need to request to join, but this is a place you can ask other Team Managers questions or just rant to people who will completely understand!

Please reach out if you need anything!
Connie, Kayla and Debi

Purchase your National DI Team Number now!
National memberships were available for purchase on August 1 this year, a month earlier than usual. To date 16 South Metro teams have all ready jumped in! Here's what you need to know:
South Metro Costs1
South Metro Costs2

Purchase your National DI number TODAY: ShopDI
South Metro Destination Imagination