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Weekend of November 27, 2022

The First Sunday of Advent

The Sacrament of Giving Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are able to give thanks today for the many blessings of this life. If you have the chance to enjoy the obligatory turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, or other Thanksgiving Day standards, especially if you enjoy it with others, you are doing something highly sacramental. Our Book of Common Prayer teaches that sacraments are "outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace" (p. 857). Now, the sacraments proper (Eucharist, Baptism, etc.) are specifically "given by Christ as sure and certain means by which we receive that grace." Many things, however, can be "outward and visible signs" of grace.

Think about the Thanksgiving meal in comparison to the Eucharist specifically. At Thanksgiving we prepare certain foods, like a turkey. Usually, someone is appointed to carve the turkey, which is considered a great honor in many families. Then, the meat and all the delicious sides are distributed to all at the table, who all partake in this shared ritualistic meal to celebrate one another, and all the things for which we are thankful. Sometimes, there might even be a little red wine at the feast! It is all an outward and visible sign of the grace present in our lives.

Just as we do something sacramental, even Eucharistic, around our Thanksgiving tables, we have a thanksgiving every time we celebrate the Eucharist itself. In fact, that's what the word Eucharist means: thanksgiving. It's a Greek word, that even has a more modern form that's frequently used to mean "thank you," and sometimes also used as a celebratory toast. Every time we celebrate communion we are celebrating thanksgiving. The Eucharistic prayers are often referred to as "The Great Thanksgiving," and the prayers even describe our actions as our "sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving."

Whether you give thanks today by yourself, or with others, you might consider praying "A Litany of Thanksgiving" beginning at the bottom of p. 836 in the Book of Common Prayer. This is something you can do around the table, or as part of your own prayer time today. Maybe it will help you in recognizing some of the things you're thankful for.

My family, and all of us at St. Paul's, wish you the best this Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you for being part of our community! Keep the faith, St. Paul's.

God's blessings,

We invite you to join us this Sunday, November 27, 2022.

  • 7:45 AM Sunday: Holy Eucharist in the Chapel
  • Childcare Provided in Nursery
  • 8:45 AM Sunday: Coffee Hour in the Courtyard
  • 9:00 AM Sunday: Advent Wreath Making in O'Ferrall Hall
  • 10:15 AM Sunday: Holy Eucharist in the Church
  • Childcare Provided in Nursery
  • 11:30 AM Sunday: Coffee Hour in the Courtyard
  • 11:45 AM Sunday: Advent Caroling
  • Servers: Want to know if you're scheduled to serve in worship this week? Click Here to See the Schedule
  • Masks are optional at in-person worship and learning opportunities. You will notice that the clergy are wearing masks due to a high number of COVID cases in our school and community. Make the choice that works best for you and your family.
  • If you need an alternative to in-person worship, you can view the live stream on our YouTube channel HERE and on Facebook HERE
  • We encourage you to spend some time beforehand with the readings and Collect of the Day. Don't have a Book of Common Prayer for Sunday? Find it online HERE.
Click to See the Sunday Readings

We are grateful to be able to offer children's chapel this Sunday morning during the 10:15 AM service. During the sequence hymn, children may follow the junior acolyte to the chapel, where they will enjoy an age appropriate message and activity. Children will return to the church service after the sermon. 

Questions? Email Mtr. Liz here.

Wednesdays at Church (W@tCh) Returns this Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Wednesdays at Church returns Nov. 30 - Dec. 21. Celebrate the Eucharist with us at 5:30 PM in the chapel, followed by dinner at 6:00 PM and program at 6:30 PM. Childcare is available during the program. Throughout Advent we'll be studying Adam Hamilton's Prepare the Way for the Lord: Advent and the Message of John the Baptist. This book "explores the Advent theme of John's life and ministry, and how John calls followers of Jesus to prepare our hearts and lives for his coming." Sign up for the study and get your copy of the book for a suggested donation of $15 right outside the main doors of the church, or contact Lori Lavelle to reserve a copy.

Join us THIS Sunday, November 27 at 9:00 AM in O'Ferrall Hall for Advent Wreath Making! Advent Wreaths are a way we mark the passing of time and our own preparation for the coming of the Christ child in Christmas. We will have all the supplies for you. All you need to do is show up!

Questions? Email Mtr. Liz here.


Do you still have your Advent Wreath from last year? It's not too late to bring it back to church so we can recycle them for this year! The first Sunday of Advent is Sunday, November 27. 

Join us THIS Sunday, November 27 after the 10:15 AM service as we spread holiday cheer to our fellow parishioners through the joy of Christmas carols! We will share pizza in O'Ferrall Hall before we caravan to several houses to sing carols. No singing experience or skill required! This is a great event for the whole family!

Please let Mtr. Liz know here if you plan to attend!

Join us for these festive events for all members of our parish this Advent as we prepare our hearts, souls, and minds for the coming of the Christ Child in Christmas!

  • Sunday, Nov. 27 Advent Wreath Making 9:00 AM & Caroling 11:45 AM
  • Sunday, Dec. 4, 11, & 18 Sunday School for All Ages 9:00 AM
  • Adult Sunday School in the Conference Room
  • Children's Sunday School: Godly Play in the Chapel
  • Sunday, Dec. 4 Playground & Pizza 3:30 PM until Dark, with special musical guests Fr. Ron & Friends!
  • Sunday, Dec. 18 Visit to Historic St. Luke's Episcopal Church at 1:30 PM, and Lessons & Carols Service & Reception 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Services
  • 4:00 PM with Pageant
  • 8:00 PM
  • Sunday, Dec. 25 Christmas Day Service 10:15 AM

Have questions or need more information? Contact Mtr. Liz here.

Dr. Jeanne is the Director of the St. Paul's Center for Counseling & Education and is a valuable resource in our community. Whether you need to talk through a specific problem or discuss issues in general, Dr. Jeanne is ready and able to help. You can meet with her by phone, Zoom, and in her office, if you are fully vaccinated. If you would like to set up a meeting with Dr. Jeanne, please call or text her at (504) 330-2549 or email her at jrobertson@stpauls-lakeview.org.

Bronwyn and the Mitchell Family, The repose of the soul of Warren Day and for the Brooks family, he repose of the soul of Sam and all those who loved him, those affected by Hurricane Ian, the repose of the soul of August, The Brahmeshuber and Ziegler Families, The Messina and Alford Families, Stephanie and The Uddo Family, The Calatayud Family, Shannon, Ruth, Anderson, Donna, Sharon and The Holder Family, Bruce and The Edrington Family, Samuel, Denny, Joan, Sara, Dave, James, Tim, Rick, The Henry Family, Steve and The Harris Family, Kathy and Charlie and The Richardson Family, The Eggleston Family, The Merrick Family, The Segal Family, Paula, Helen, Steve, Susan, Gail, Michele, Barbara, Sally, Lee, Justin, George & Barbara, Cindy, Alice, Ozzie, Bill, The Williams Family, Mark & Joy, Tino & Lupe Navarro, Deborah & Ian Gage, Corey & family, Mallory, The Guerra and The Alfortish families, Henry, Jodee, Charlie, Matthew, Robert, Betty, Pat, Joseph, Phil, Noah, Stephen, Ann, Gerald, Tom, Earlyn, Bryson, Clyde, Zina, Christina, Harlon, Jack, Jane, Mike, Kylie, Kay, Judy, Ruth, Helen, Devin, Phillip, Anna, Pam, Mary, Vic, Claire, Paul, Sue, Delores, Jean, Shelly, Judson, Chris, Robert, Ted, Stephanie, Audrey, Harvey, Jan & Ralph, Eugene, Nan, August, Patti, Nathaniel, Rosemary, Larry & Carl, Bonnie, Erin, all those who are ill with COVID-19, the people of Puerto Rico in the recovery efforts, the people of Ukraine, Afghanistan, and those in harms way, and all victims of natural disasters.


Are there others? Please let us know by emailing Lori at spchurch@stpauls-lakeview.org


We pray for all those in the healthcare profession, especially Ranjit Chima, Lindsey Hill, Rob Ramirez, Laura Beth Ramirez, Bob Vieth, Stephanie Palmisano, Kelley Morel, Tommy Morel, Jasmine Bahd, Jeanne Robertson, Doug Bostick, Vicki Kennedy, Gene Antenucci, Melissa Fauci, Betty Lo, Chris Blaise, Jennifer Chamberlain, Michael Napoli, Alison Napoli, Jane Clayton, Alison Quayle, Ian Townley, Mike Santone, Mark Thomas, Jean Thomas, Nikki Wilder, Riley Sibley, Catie Brown, Catherine Courtney, Julie Rose, Amelia Martin, Jamie Fineran, and all others who care for those who are suffering in body, mind, or spirit.


Are there others? Please let us know by emailing Lori at spchurch@stpauls-lakeview.org

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