December, 2018 | Issue 2
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In Memoriam:
We are comforted by
a tribute from the community, words that show the admiration and respect for Dr. Howell
Heartfelt message from Kathleen Franklin, Howell Foundation 2018 Co-Chair:
A Legacy of Love
As the need for women's health increases, these Howell Scholars make us proud with their research projects!
Our outreach efforts: medical and surgical treatment of heart disease, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, additction and dementia as this year's topics
Supporting research in our community: The WISDOM Trial and its impact on screening technologies for breast cancer, are we on the right track?
Community Engagement Initiative: Partnering with Refugee Women to Inform Culturally Appropriate Patient-Centered Reproductive Healthcare
Our supporters: with our deepest appreciation, without you, there wouldn't be us!
Howell Happenings: the commitment behind the work of the Doris Howell Foundation
How can you help?
Help us continue to fulfill our goal of “keeping the women we love healthy.”
In Memoriam
A Tribute From Our Community
"I so admired Doris and thought the world of her. She was a mentor and an inspiration. Very few people have the sense of humor, brilliance, class and elegance that was always shown by Doris to everyone. I am honored to have known her." Tina SN 

"Thank you for everything Dr. Howell. Your legacy will live on forever" USD Hahn School of Nursing 

"We all know her as a fierce advocate for undergraduate researchers. She had a long, impactful and inspirational career as a physician, philanthropist, and palliative care advocate. She will be greatly missed by the CSUPERB community." CSU Program for Education in Biology (CSUPERB)

"Dr. Howell was truly incredible and such an inspiration. She touched so many people in her 95 years of dedication to medicine, research and hospice care. Beyond being such an accomplished woman, she was a kind, dear person to all who knew her. I feel so lucky to have known her the last 12 years and will cherish my memories of her wit, intelligence, humor and kindness." Tanya F. 

"Dr. Howell was an inspiration to thousands of people. Her extraordinary work as Founder of San Diego Hospice helped to change the way medicine is practiced to support those at the end of life, and it was an honor to be a part of that incredible community treasure." Melissa D. 

"Dr. Howell will continue to inspire and serve as a role model to us all." Patty R.

“She was a wonderful role model, inspiring mentor and dear friend to all of us." Julie CN 

"She was a pioneer and leader in her field. Her legacy of providing scholarships to students researching women's health issues will live on through the Howell Foundation." Constance M. 

"Dr. Howell was an amazing, amazing person. What a beautiful heart she had for everyone. Always there to help anyone who had a need. She made a tremendous impact in the lives of so many. I am blessed in so many ways to have had the privilege to know her and work with her." Cheryl N. 

"Boy do we need more of HER in our world. I was honored to gain some of the best nuggets of wisdom in my life at her feet. She impacted the generations behind her. Grateful is too small a word. She was a living legacy." Kristen C,

We thank you for your kind words. Now, more than ever, we are determined on placing women on the forefront of research.!

Dear Dr. Howell, you will be sorely missed! 
A Legacy of Love
2018. She is gone, but she is still with us. She always will be. Her ideals and the way she lived her life were compelling and timeless. Dr. Doris Howell gave us so much about which to think and feel. Her vision, her beliefs, her scientific knowledge and her deep understanding of people made her rare and beloved. Her passion has catalyzed the quest for women’s health that will live on for many generations. We at the Foundation are fortunate to be inspired by such a person.
I ho pe she would be proud of us. I think she would really like where we’ve been over the last year and where we’re going in the next. And you, our supporters, were a big part in making this happen. Thank you!

In 2018, we had the opportunity to support the WISDOM Trial, an unprecedented research study involving better ways to screen for breast cancer screening. Continuing with our mission to support research efforts in our community, we will be participating with the Susan G, Komen Foundation at the Metastatic Breast Cancer conference. Our own Past Chair, Carole Banka, will be judging research “pitches” and awarding one with funds to begin the work.

We will continue to identify high impact projects that will help carry the message to under-served populations in San Diego. 

We said goodbye to a few valued Board members in 2018. Carole Banka, who had served for 12 years, and continues to serve on committees even now, has rotated off the Board.  Dr. Jessica Zhang, a steadfast scholarship reviewer and participant, has left and well as Dr. Ralph Feuer. Teresa Castiglione, a staunch supporter and friend, has also moved on. We will miss them.

I will be stepping down as Board Co-Chair and retuning to serve as a Board member for my adored Howell Foundation to support the organization in its endeavors to promote our guiding principle of “keeping the women we love healthy”. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your support! During my transition year, I will be working closely with the Executive Committee to ensure that we highlight the importance of women’s health research throughout years to come. 
On that note, I would like to welcome Carol Tuggy as Vice Chair of the organization. She not only brings many years of experience in non-profit board management, but was instrumental in supporting the creation of the Doris A. Howell Foundation through Soroptimist International of La Jolla. I am looking forward to working towards a successful succession plan for our organization and especially working with Carol during 2019,

I had the fortune of welcoming wonderful Board Members in 2018. Bill Wurch JD, CPA, LLM is our new CFO. We’ve also added Marilyn Tedesco, Management Consultant, and Ruth Curran, MS, author and strategic partnerships director. We are fortunate to rely on the experience of such talented individuals. 
In 2019 the Foundation will be celebrating Dr. Howell's legacy at our events throughout the year. Specifically, a Celebration of Life will be scheduled and we will let you know the details as soon as they become available.  
I know I speak for my 2018 Board Co-Chair, Abigail D’Agostino, in thanking all of you for your support in “Keeping the Women We Love Healthy, and Dr. Howell for leaving us with her legacy of love. 
2019: You made it possible. Thank you!

Women’s Health starts with RESEARCH
The Howell Foundation has awarded $680,725 and funded 241 women's health research scholarships . The research scholarships have ranged from the study of ovarian, breast and cervical cancers, to heart disease, the body's immune system, and pregnancy.

A good portion of the success of the program is that each student has a mentor professor who specifically guides the student.  

The mentor catapults the student's knowledge and skills in ways that couldn't be done otherwise.

The students who are selected for scholarships are without exception, tops in their class. It is inspirational to see their passion and their growth. After all, they are the embodiment of the promise of "Keeping the Women We Love Healthy."

Pictured above: 2018 Howell Scholars with Howell Co-Chair Kathleen Franklin &
CSUPERB Executive Director, Susan Baxter
“CSUPERB believes that the best way to engage, recruit and retain students in life science careers is to provide access to and opportunities in real-world biotechnology research settings. We know that these experiences are particularly effective at engaging and retaining students who are the first in their families to attend college or are from communities underrepresented in the life sciences.
By working with CSU faculty in the classroom and on research problems, students build a solid foundation for successful life science careers”, comments Susan Baxter, Executive Director, CSUPERB, and liaison between Cal State and The Doris A. Howell Foundation.
One of the cornerstones of the Foundation is to award scholarships to those who are interested in pursuing a career in women's health. We like to say we want them excited to do so!  With fields or research that range from placental stem cells, to elevated testosterone in the female system, genetic breast cancer counseling for young survivors and gestational diabetes, these young ladies pretty much prove our point!
"Take the research that is being done, translate it, and put it into practical use. Please take it seriously because we have no way to go but up, no option but success, no way to go but to fill the need. It is filling that need that I hope our Foundation will constantly do as its mission...

And so far I believe we’ve succeeded."
                                                                           ~ Dr. Doris Howell.
Latest Advances in Medical and Surgical Treatment of Heart Disease
In February, Dr. Anthony DeMaria presented the latest innovations in cardiology, starting with the use of nano-bots smaller than the size of a vessel to shatter the plaque and re-establish and regulate the blood flow of our body. 

The use of sensors to monitor cardiac health is yet another technology currently being developed and tested that is aimed at preventing heart disease. By analyzing the heart rate and rhythm, accurate treatment –including lifestyle changes—can have a positive effect in personalized medicine (vs. a one-treatment-fits-all approach). The encouraging news is that it involves the patient directly in his or her care.  

Advanced Tissue Therapies: Pogress in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
In May, Dr. Benjamin Shepherd talked about examples of tissue engineering for both drug discovery and therapeutic tissue development. His presentation focused on current research areas where bioscience and technology have been very successful.

He elaborated on the areas of challenge in tissue regeneration: 1) current efforts in organ reconstruction based on previous research in vascular grafts (the blood vessel space), and 2) efforts focused on “additive manufacturing”, also known as 3-dimensional printing. Of significant importance are the future applications of his own research in both areas. 

Addiction: it’s not just drugs and alcohol
In August, Dr. Carolyn Corker Ross walked us through the importance of fully understanding the meaning of addiction and the process that takes place in the human brain when addicted. It is defined by the American Society of Addiction as a primary chronic disease involving brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry; operative words: chronic disease. In other words, an unconscious or an unwitting giving away of our power. 

Being addicted might reduce our cognitive capacity, and is, in NO way, a disease of will power. When individuals with addictions make poor decisions, it is actually the brain driving the action, not the lack of will power. 

Dementia: Perspectives, progress and promise
In November, guest speakers Amy Borenstein, PhD and Pamela Maher, PhD. provided eye-opening facts of dementia in the US. Six million Americans are diagnosed with some form of dementia, and diagnosis of the illness is expected to triple by 2050.

Dr. Borenstein described dementia and its major subtypes as well as the most important risk factors for dementia and Alzheimer's disease. She also discussed ongoing trials of antibodies against the Alzheimer protein beta-amyloid as well as lifestyle changes that may delay the onset of the disease to later ages.  

Dr. Maher discussed the rationale behind the Salk Institute's approach to the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of AD. She provided examples of the use of this approach, and summarize where research is right now and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

A sense of Community:
Supporting Women's Health Research
Won't you help us?
The WISDOM Trial is the largest breast cancer screening study in California, and the Howell Foundation is thrilled to support enrollment. 
Hosting three renowned specialists in the areas of oncology, epidemiology and genetic testing, the objective was to inform the San Diego community about the latest research being conducted regarding breast cancer screening guidelines, their efficacy, and the steps required to provide women with accurate, personalized prevention processes that effectively diagnose and treat breast cancer ON AN INDIVIDUALIZED basis. 
Dr. Barbara Parker discussed breast cancer Precision Medicine, breast cancer incidence and death rates, and treatment advances for early and advanced breast cancer.
Text Link
Dr. Andrea LaCroix described the trial as comparing yearly screening to a personalized screening approach that provides a mammogram
timeline based on a
participant’s individual risk factors 
Text Link
Dr. Lisa Madlensky discussed the genetic perspective of
breast cancer and its role in determining the best course of action for women enrolled in
the study. 
Text Link
Our community comming together for
women's health research
Full Scholarship
Donors ($4,000+)
  • Eva May Fleet Foundation Fund at TSDF
  • Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund at TSDF
  • Andrea and Fred LaCroix
  • Irene Nemeth
  • Beatrice K. Rose, MD, MPH
  • Soroptimist International of La Jolla
  • Judy White

  • National CHEERS Foundation - $3,000

Patron ($1,000)
  • Audrey Geisel
  • Diana Hill
  • Hamilton Loeb, Jr.
  • Peggy Matthews
  • Virginia "Jill" Patch
  • Colleen Peterson
  • Michael Sailor, PhD
  • Irving Tragen
  • Cheryl Wilson, RN

Benefactor ($500)
  • Brad Benter
  • Gaylyn Boone
  • Alison and James Denman
  • Laury Graves
  • Jan and Jim Hawkins
  • Gladys Kohn
  • Jayne Lindberg
  • Jean McGrath
  • Priscilla Moxley
  • Patricia Price
  • Katherine "Meg" Richman, MD
  • Sheryl and John Scarano
  • Marilyn Tedesco
  • James and Vici Willis

Sustainers ($250)
  • Tauna Austin
  • Carole Banka, PhD
  • Michele Bernique
  • Marilynn Boesky
  • Betty Brayshay
  • Mandy Butler, PhD
  • Stacy Carota
  • Teresa Castiglione
  • Cher Conner
  • Ruth Covell
  • Gigi Cramer
  • Abigail D'Agostino
  • Berit Durler
  • Joan Evangelou
  • Pamela Foley
  • Kathleen Franklin
  • Shelley Gellman
  • Sandra Harris
  • Susan Hoekenga
  • Mary Lynn Hyde
  • Jeanne Jones
  • Todd Kaprielian and Carol Morris
  • Susan McClellan
  • Kathleen McGuire
  • Jill Mendlen
  • Kay Christian Pierce
  • Carol Tuggey
  • Kristen Wells, PhD
  • Dodie Williams
  • William Wurch
  • Jessica Zhang

Supporters ($150)
  • Marty Allenby
  • Barbara Arledge
  • Barbara Bailey, MS, RN
  • Marla Black
  • Pamela Boynton
  • Barbara Brown
  • Janet Douglas
  • Eileen Gaffen
  • Kippy Gambill
  • Reena Horowitz
  • Mary Johnson
  • Adele Kayser
  • Ronda Landrum
  • Lainie Lesser-Mark
  • Karen Ludwig
  • Lynne Martin
  • Ann Mayo, MD
  • Candice McCarty
  • David Mulvaney
  • Linda Mulcahy
  • Lynn Payette
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  • Pattie Wellborn
  • Sharon Weremiuk
  • Heidi Yeung
  • Bev Zukor
  • Women's Investment Group
Welcome on board
We look forward to working with you in the advancement of women’s health! 

Ruth Curran
Ralph Feuer, PhD
Marilyn Tedesco
William Wurch

Thank you for your invaluable service
Your dedication and commitment to further the need for women’s health research and education made us strong.

Carole Banka, Ph.D
Teresa Castiglione
Jessica Zhang, MD

Our Legacy Council
With our greatest appreciation for your continuous support. *Howell Board Emeritus are recognized for their 18+ years of service to the Howell Foundation.

Betty Brayshay
Cher Conner 
Gladys Kohn 
Howell Board Emeritus*
Jean McGrath
Priscilla Moxley
Peggy Oechsle  
Howell Board Emeritus*
Beatrice Rose, MD, MPH  
Howell Board Emeritus*
Pattie Wellborn
Cheryl Wilson, RN – 
Howell Board Emeritus*

Our Advisory Council
Comprised of advisors of inestimable talent whose
collective minds help the Foundation
achieve its mission.

A. Stephen Dahms, Ph.D 
Theresa Latosh
Eileen Gaffen 
Mary Johnson
Stanley Maloy, Ph.D.
Michael J. Sailor, Ph.D.
Marilyn Tedesco