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Now Available (Free) for Sage 100c Customers

A collaboration between Sage and two long-time developers in the Sage channel extends the inventory management capabilities of Sage 100c with the new DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin module. What's more, the basic version is free of charge to current customers of Sage 100c Advanced or Complete product bundles. Here's a closer look.

What Is Multi-Bin Management?

DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic version extends the warehousing capabilities of Sage 100c to include the designation, storage, and distribution of a single inventory item in multiple bin locations within a warehouse. Notable features include:

* Set customer or item specific restrictions based on bin location
* Perform on-the-fly bin location transfers
* Maintain a structure and segments for bin locations
* Set minimum and maximum location quantities for bins

DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Advanced extends capabilities of the Basic version with additional features for replenishment, directed put away, default bin locations, and auto-allocations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about this new module.

How much does Multi-Bin Basic cost?

DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic is free of charge for Sage 100c customers currently licensed for the Advanced or Complete product bundle.

Is Multi-Bin Basic available to Sage 100 perpetual license ("Traditional") customers?

No, Multi-Bin Basic is only available to Sage 100c customers. However, perpetual license customers can purchase the Multi-Bin Advanced module.

How do I get support for the product?

Support for Multi-Bin Basic is provided directly by Sage as part of your Business Care plan.

Is Multi-Bin Basic compatible with Sage 100c Bill of Materials and Work Order?
It does integrate with Bill of Materials but not Work Order. However, Work Order integration is available for separate purchase.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us if you're ready to get started with Multi-Bin Basic to put this free module to work and extend the inventory management capabilities of your Sage 100c software.

Sage Now Includes
Sage Intelligence Report (SIR) Designer
With Sage 100c

Sage now includes the SIR Designer for all Sage 100c customers on a Silver care plan. Previously, Sage provided this module free only for customers on the Gold or Platinum plan.

More Reporting Power and Options

The SIR Designer module expands upon the features of the SIR Report Manager. Now with the added Sage Intelligence Report (SIR) Designer, you can create entirely new reports and take things to the next level. New features include   
  • Drag-and-drop financial report building in Excel
  • Speed report creation using pre-defined layouts for an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, or Trial Balance
  • Model reports to your company/departmental structure using flexible reporting trees
SIR is a terrific tool set to extract your Sage 100 data into Excel format.

If you have an unmet reporting need, contact MBSG for a free consultation.
Are You Tired of Copying Financial Data
From Sage 100 To Excel?

If you are spending hours each month copying financial data from Sage 100 to Excel to produce reports, there is a better way.
You can link your Excel spreadsheets directly to Sage 100 to pull data automatically, live and real time. For more information, contact MBSG .

Sage 100 Payroll Customers
Deadline Approaching Soon

Last year, Sage announced that they were changing the way Sage 100 payroll is packaged, priced, and delivered. Now the time has come for current payroll module customers to take action. In this article, we'll explain how and why.

Choose a New Payroll Option

Based on last year's announcement, you'll need to choose a new payroll option - either payroll tier subscription or Sage Payroll Full Service - by April 30, 2017.

Option 1: Payroll Tier Subscription

This option allows you to continue using your in-house Sage 100 or 100c payroll module as you do today, with the added benefit of direct deposit service for no additional cost. The biggest difference is that the payroll subscription cost is
determined by the number of unique employees per pay period (your "payroll tier") rather than module pricing.

Option 2: Full Service Payroll

Sage Payroll Full Service is a fully managed payroll option.You can process payroll online, or have Sage payroll experts run it for you. Additional benefits include the option to have tax filing and payment services managed on your behalf.

SPECIAL SAGE OFFER: Expires April 14, 2017

Sage is currently offering a Payroll price match promotion. The promotion offers the full service payroll option for the same price as your current payroll tier, for the first year of service

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