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This week, the July stats from ABOR have been unveiled, revealing shifts in recent months' price trajectories and sales volume. Notably, contracts written have increased while net new listings have significantly dropped. In this report, we'll dissect these figures and offer insights as we approach the end of summer. Plus, investors can expect multifamily insights and a spotlight on a Central Texas suburb named #1 for first-time homebuyers in a fresh Smart Asset report.

As always, count on us to navigate the market's intricacies, and thank you for your referrals. Enjoy this update and feel free to share it with others!

This Weeks New Listings

Local Market Update

Austin-Round Rock Housing Market Holds Strong Despite High Interest Rates

Let's delve right in now that the official ABOR stats have been released. July's housing market showcases the Austin MSA's resilience. With a full year-over-year perspective of our market since last summer's significant shift, the substantial fluctuations are leveling out.

Prices experienced the first month-over-month decline since February. Pending units are rising for the second consecutive month. New listings saw a sharp decrease of -23% compared to last year, while withdrawn and expired listings surged by +20%. Consequently, the actual net new listings on the market plummeted by over 80%.

Sellers are showing ingenuity by converting potential listings into rentals or choosing to stay in their homes instead of adjusting prices due to their locked-in low-interest rates.

Now, the spotlight is on when buyer demand will rebound and encourage potential sellers to reintroduce their inventory to the resale market. Our prediction is that demand will escalate as the Fed eases policies and major employers resume hiring, along with the drop in rates enhancing affordability, thereby opening up the sidelined inventory.

Looking at the broader picture for 2023, comparing January to July with the same period in 2022, the median sales price in the Austin MSA has experienced a decline ranging between 10% and 20% in most areas. While there are a few exceptions in central Austin, that percentage is diminishing as we move into the second half of the year.

City of Austin

•837 – Homes sold, 1.3% more than July 2022.

•$550,000 - Median price 12.0% less than 2022.

•1,224 – New listings, 22.6% less than July 2022.

•2,881 – Active listings, 20.0% more than July 2022.

•847 – Pending sales, 13.2% more than July 2022.

•3.9 – Months of inventory, 1.5/mo above July 2022.

Travis County

• 1,344 – Homes sold, 5.5% more than July 2022.

• $545,000 – Median price, 9.2% less than July 2022.

• 1,836 – New listings, 26.7% less than July 2022.

• 4,697 – Active listings, 15.8% more than July 2022.

• 1,314 – Pending sales, 13.7% more than July 2022.

• 4.0 – Months of inventory, 1.4/mo above July 2022.

Williamson County

• 895 – Homes sold, 5.4% less than July 2022.

• $428,350 – Median price, 11.7% less than July 2022.

• 1,247 – New listings, 28.1% less than July 2022.

• 2,788 – Active listings, 2.1% less than July 2022.

• 937 – Pending sales, 5.6% more than July 2022.

• 3.1 – Months of inventory, 0.5/mo above July 2022.

Central Texas Market Report 


• 400 – Homes sold, 0.3% less than July 2022.

• $405,243 – Median price, 10.5% less than July 2022.

• 522 – New listings, 10.8% less than July 2022.

• 1,493 – Active listings, 31.1% more than July 2022.

• 439 – Pending sales, 27.3% more than July 2022.

• 4.1 – Months of inventory, 1.1/mo above July 2022.

Bastrop County

• 132 – Homes sold, 9.1% more than July 2022.

• $349,995 – Median price, 15.7% less than July 2022.

• 210 – New listings, 1.9% less than July 2022.

• 545 – Active listings, 25.6% more than July 2022.

• 143 – Pending sales, 40.2% more than July 2022.

• 4.6 – Months of inventory, 1.2/mo above than July and the highest inventory in the MSA.

Caldwell County

• 44 – Homes sold, 22.8% less than July 2022.

• $298,048 – Median price, 20.2% less than July 2022.

• 69 – New listings, 38.0% more than July 2022.

• 140 – Active listings, 55.6% more than July 2022.

• 59 – Pending sales, 68.6% more than July 2022.

• 3.4 – Months of inventory, 1.1/mo above July 2022.

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