Why Do PEO Owners want to sell in 2016?
Greetings! Happy Labor Day!

Wow -- what a busy summer at Silva Capital! With the close of our 50th PEO deal we are off and running to  close many more and serve you with the products we offer to the HRO/PEO space.


The conversations go something like this -- 

"Wanda, I'M TIRED -- I started a PEO because I love this service, I believe in PEO -- I enjoy serving my clients. This makes me happy. Now, I spend 90% of  my day worrying about the risk associated with running my PEO or I spend hours trying to decipher the next new regulation or ruling like SBEA or ACA. All I do is paperwork. I used to love coming to work ...but now I dread the work day. What are my options for finding an investor or partner who can allow me to spend each day  doing the work I love?"

Well folks - it's still a seller's market. Valuations are solid.  Our industry has the attention of the investment community and outsourced services industry. It is such an exciting time for PEO and there are high quality buyers and investors who want to partner with PEO business owners just like you. Not all buyers will "slash and burn" your company leaving your organization with nothing but a shell. Many investors want to keep the very value of the business you have built, remove your risk, take the weight off your shoulders and help you grow a larger and more successful company. 

Even if this does not apply to  you ...Why not create the life YOU want to live? Perhaps you want a partner who takes the administrative burden of your shoulder - takes away the risk -- but you still want to service, sell and share this valuable HR outsourcing concept with old and new clients.  Maybe you want to work a few more years and get a second bite of the apple?

Maybe you want to set sail on the next part of your life in a year or two? Make sure your PEO is ready for the future NOW.  A famous Wanda quote .. "We will all exit one day - on purpose or by accident." Which exit do you want? 

Ask me about our FREE questionnaire "ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUTURE OF YOUR PEO?" which walks you through the questions you need to ask to create the personal and professional future you want! Together, let's define a benchmark which establishes where you are today, so you can create the PLAN for where you'll want to go tomorrow.

I hope to see you at NAPEO's National Conference next week in Austin!

If you are unable to join us, please know we are here at Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. to serve you. We create revenue enhancing value for your company so you can successfully reach your chosen destiny.

Call me to learn more.

We honor you, our clients, to whom we owe all our success!

Wanda J. Silva

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