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Feb 2019
The Problem with Traditional Financial Planning  - Dean Vagnozzi

Many of us have been very diligent in saving for our retirements. But sadly, most have not addressed the #1 problem in retirement. 

If Tax Planning isn't a significant piece of your retirement planning...you're missing it!

If you would like to be able to:
  • Spend more of your money in retirement,
  • Give less money to the government, and
  • Still have money for the kids,  
I encourage you to watch this video...
Life Insurance: Not Always About Death

Many Americans view life insurance policies as a key part of their financial planning. But they tend to think in terms of how the insurance will benefit their survivors after they are in the grave, not how it might benefit themselves while they are very much alive.
Taxes Can Be a Real Threat to Your Retirement

For years, you have probably been told that, when you retire, you will be in a lower tax bracket than when you were working.

We are advised to invest everything we can in our 401(k)s  because we will get a nice deduction now, Once retired, we won't be drawing a salary, so our tax burden will be reduced.  Not so fast.

There are 3 major reasons why many Americans may not get their anticipated tax break in retirement...
In This Issue
6 Rules for Tax-Free ROTH IRA Distributions

Don't miss out on Roth IRA benefits by making mistakes when you take a distribution.

Here are 6 rules you need to know to make sure money comes out of your Roth IRA tax-free.
The Accounting Professor:
The Stock Market

Media stories about the stock market are often skewed to scare people out of owning equities. 

When it comes to buying stocks people often ignore a prudent approach and, on a whim or based on a recommendation from some talking head on TV, rush to their brokerage accounts to invest.

It usually ends badly for those who approach equity investments in this manner.
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