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Christian Millennials rank Bible reading as more important than church attendance (55% say Bible reading is more important), silence/solitude (50%), prayer (49%), worship (51%), acts of service (48%), communion (44%) and evangelism (42%).

FACT | In order to support Pope Francis' new global religion, Millennials between the ages of 35 & 45 are converting to Orthodox Catholicism by the droves. There are three primary movements of "conversion" in Hollywood: Scientology, CERN Believers, & Orthodox Catholicism. 

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At The Sound Of The Beep
Chang-Rae Lee

And it occurred to me that in this new millennial life of instant and ubiquitous connection, you don't in fact communicate so much as leave messages for one another, these odd improvisational performances, often sorry bits and samplings of ourselves that can't help but seem out of context. And then when you do finally reach someone, everyone's so out of practice or too hopeful or else embittered that you wonder if it would be better not to attempt contact at all.

Chang-Rae Lee is a Korean-American novelist and a professor of creative writing at Stanford University. He was previously Professor of Creative Writing at Princeton and director of Princeton's Program in Creative Writing. Lee will be an IOM contributing writer throughout 2017.

You have now entered the twilight zone. Welcome to the world of Emergent Millennial Christianity - the church of Laodicea.

I am presently 61 years of age, which makes me a leftover from the Generation X populous. During my young adult years, I was a pot smoking, drug using, dumpster diving, homegrown rock star.  I was a streaker and stage stripper who was involved with the underground.  My mode of religious thought and idol was Maharishi Mahesh of Transcendental Meditation (today called Yoga).  My political positioning was anti-parents, anti-war, anti-church, anti-government, anti-morality, anti-establishment, anti-anything that attempted to control me or our generation.  Our culture even had a post-modern Jesus - Jesus Freak.  This Jesus was a pot loving friend to all hippies. 

When I look at the children of the Generation X group - I am not surprised as to their worldview. After all, we X's set the stage for them.

The first thing we must do before slicing the Millennials into a million pieces, in order to analyze their dysfunctions, is to keep in mind that all previous generations set the stage for the generations to come.  Our enemy (Satan) has a goal to prepare the world for his 7-Year Reign, the time of Tribulation.  Also, remember that the Antichrist cannot rule the world until a generation builds the platform for this world leader - the "anti-everything" culture.  That would be Generations X & Y.

Theologically, the anti-everything generations must support a lukewarm society, liberal government, and religious rule before there will be an acceptance of a global peace-peace society, which the scriptures depict as the first half of the Tribulation period.  Once the global populous has dominated and thus conformed the world into an anti-everything modality (outside of self-rule), the Antichrist can start taking his tools out of his toolbox, step up, and begin to rule.  The primary tools for his global conversions are: human rights, technology, education, engineering, medicine, and particularly - diplomacy (the six identity markers of Generation Y).  Then, and only then, can he bring an end to all forms of fighting. 

There are five major permanent-membership countries that head up the UN Security Council.  Their goal?  To accomplish this feat.  Who are these nations?  The prophetic northern five: United States, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom.  The Counsel has eight (8) primary religions that they actively watchdog and dialogue with, in order to accomplish world peace: Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Jainism, and Sikhism.  These are the five countries I work diligently to gather documented research in light of cultural issues, political engineering, and religious thought.  This is how I track the international movement of the blooming church of Laodicea.   

What does all this have to do with the Millennial Generation?  Hmm, you are going to discover exactly how the dots connect by way of our 2017 writings - that there is a chance this present generation just might be the group that sets the stage for Generation Z, mankind's final generation before the Tribulation.  Would I bet my life on this?  The only thing I do, and would, lay my life down for is the Life of Christ and the fact that He (Jesus) is coming soon.  With that, I will spend the remainder of my life preparing the Body of Christ for such a GLORIOUS event - whenever it may occur. 

It would behoove us to carefully study three generations: X, Y, and Z.  Believe it or not, there is an enormous amount of data gathered on Generation Z - enough data to substantiate our hypothesis.  Let's start the exam.  
Who are these Millennials anyway? You might have heard them referred to as the Hipsters, Generation Y, the Echo Boomers, the Next Generation, the Boomerang Generation, or my favorite, the Peter Pan Generation. Regardless what name is used to describe Millennials, the conservative branch of the Church considers them to be the most difficult generation in human history to evangelize and/or lead into a discipleship relationship. As a researcher, I must ask, "Why?"

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Generation X,

Steve Phinney
Retired Hippy & Senior Writer
IOM America