STRESS!!!! is cosmic and we all deal with it daily. It is the #1 cause of nearly, if not all, mental and physical ill-health.

Here are 5 suggestions you can do today to counter, battle and help eliminate it from causing negative health related issues in you and your family.

  1. Exercise -- legions of studies proving it is powerful way to counter stress, but only 22% of all Americans actually do it.
  2. Music -- pleasing music has ranked #1 for many of years in all stress reducing studies.
  3. Relationships -- eliminating toxic relationships is not easy, but sometimes a necessary step in promoting good health.
  4. Journaling -- a fantastic way to capture your thoughts and meditate on them.
  5. Control -- ask yourself....can you control it or not? many times what we stress about in simply out of our control.

Be Well!!