$10.00 + 10 Minutes of Your Time--BINGO!

Dear Readers:

Forgive me for reaching out one more time regarding my GoFundMe campaign for Roser Fort, director of the Centro Arte Alameda that was burnt to the ground on December 27th, in Santiago, Chile.

You may have read in my previews newsletter that Roser Fort lost her cultural center after it caught on fire when a tear gas bomb landed on its roof.

I know that there are numerous requests for funds these days--God knows I get many--but if you can make the time, please make a $10.00 donation as it will go a long way. No donation is too small.

To meet my goal fast and get her the emergency funds right away, I lowered the target from 5K to $2,500.

Once again, I thank you for your time.

Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo
Interview in Spanish here

"Danza en la urbe"
Photo: Pachi Paz
Bailarina Teatro Municipal de Santiago: Catalina Duarte
Protesta: viernes, 25 de octubre

Thank You!