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The Bookies Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month  

Hispanic Heritage Month in the US is September 15th - October 15th and The Bookies is excited to announce we'll be hosting a new Spanish Language Storytime as part of our storytime expansion. Starting September 24th, every Monday at 5:00pm, we'll be hosting a storytime entirely in Spanish. We look forward to seeing you there, friends!

Also, this month's flash sale includes titles in our Multicultural selection. From September 22nd through 30th, all Multicultural books, including fiction, non-fiction, books in foreign languages and more, will be 25% off!

Larry Yoder's Book Club Picks
A few choice cuts from Larry's talk with our customers. To see the full list, click here:

Signe Pike
Larry said, "This is a book our customers are going to love! Love! Could easily be the most popular book we sell this year." THE LOST QUEEN is the true story of an ancient Scottish queen whose twin brother happened to be the inspiration for the mythical Merlin.  
Tara Westover
One of the award-winning books on Larry's list, and a recent Summer Read pick by President Obama, EDUCATED is a story of family, change, heartache, and rebirth.  
Corey Mead  
Another true story, THE LOST PILOTS is about an incredible moment in aviation history. Two pilots work together in an attempt to grab the headlines started by Lindbergh, but the economic crash of 1929 leads to an unimaginable fate for their hopes and the lives of those with whom they come into contact.  
Maria Benedict  
"Many people know that Albert Einstein's wife was a genius. But fewer know that she may well have been the one behind many of his most famous ideas. If you didn't know that, or maybe don't believe it, once you finish this book, you will." - Larry  

The Lost for Words Bookshop
Stephanie Butland
A bookshop owner with a mysterious past, a series of deliveries that threaten to reveal all, and a cast of characters you won't forget. Could there be a more perfect book for book lovers and book clubs?

The Vengeance of Mothers
Jim Fergus
At our event, Larry gave out over a dozen copies of ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN in our gift bags for our guests. This sequel to that bestseller lives up to the first with stories of unimaginable pain, suffering, and the human spirit.

Hank Green's debut
novel, AN ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE THING, comes out in one week, which means you still have time to pre-order your copy in our store and get your free metal lapel pin of CARL. Just make sure you come in and order before the book's release on September 25th to get yours!
School Success Story Shared   
Longtime friend of The Bookies, The Logan School, and its founder, Patti McKinnell, have a new book out that details their incredible program.

Nearly four decades ago, Patti McKinnell founded a school with some very lofty building blocks. "...A school with no ceilings - no limitations on what students could pursue or achieve - and no walls - no boundaries between the contents areas, the classrooms, and the world beyond."

Now, almost forty years later, there is no denying the success of The Logan School for Creative Learning, and with McKinnell's new book, that success can be understood and, if desired, imitated by educators, parents, homeschoolers, and more.


Congratulations to our grand prize winner for our Summer of Reading Bingo... HADLEY!    
Way to go! We are so proud of you! 

What's Coming Up at The Bookies?
As you can see below, we have a ton of fun events coming in September & beyond! Click here for our Events Calendar on our website or check our Facebook page to RSVP and find exact times.
September 18th : Pirates & Princesses Tuesday Storytime with Ms. Hunter 
September 22nd-30th : Our Multicultural Section Sale

September 22nd : R eading W ith O ur F riends - Alexis Perry - Colorado Avalanche Reporter

September 23rd-30th : Banned Book Week
September 24th: La Hora de Cuentos-Spanish Language Storytime 5pm

September 25th : Pirates & Princesses Tuesday Storytime with Ms. Hunter

September 29th : R eading W ith O ur F riends - Your Mom Blogs  
October 6th: Reading With Our Friends-Artist Dow Phumiruk
October 20th: The Spooky Booooookies Halloween Spectacular