Tuesday, March 28 at 4:45 p.m.

Community Room Academics with Mr. Isaac 


100% of Peace youth ages 4-19 receive daily academic support and interventions.

Each week, with your donations, POTC offers:

Academic Support

Daily Tutoring (All Subjects)

Computer Lab & Free Wi-Fi

Dance Classes

Shakespeare & Play Preparation Classes

Sanctuary Soaps & Fragrances Classes

Zieani Jewelry-Making Classes

Building Maintenance Job Training

Job Readiness Classes

College & Career Prep

Trivia Day

Wholesome, Plentiful Snack

Open Gym & Athletics

Board Games & Hangout Time

1:1 Literacy Lessons

Peace Club Circle Time

Raise The Age Programming

Spiritual Formation Opportunities

. . . And More!

All the above are enveloped by a dedicated staff, using trauma-informed care with restorative justice practices.