Sowing Opportunities Project Manager stands next to the greenhouses of María Leticia Caal Pan in Chajmaic, Guatemala

Reminder: The challenge deadline is November 2!


On October 5, Sowing Opportunities shared that a donor offered $1,000 in matching funds to inspire others to give to our pioneering work.

This offer matches your donation, dollar for dollar.

The deadline is one month after the original notice - on November 2!

We are grateful to have already received $787 in donations towards this challenge!  We are almost there!

These funds are helping people get out of poverty by growing their own food.

The donor believes that Sowing Opportunities will influence the entire region to have a future they haven’t even dreamed of yet, developing their skills in many ways, providing opportunities for their children’s futures.

Won’t you join us in this matching funds challenge so that we can provide resources for the Pop Cucul family in Salaguna, Guatemala,

and, starting in January, 100 other families in three villages like theirs? Your donation of any amount is what makes this work possible, and allows families to have hope and enough to eat instead of desperation and hunger.

Thank you!


Executive Director

Sowing Opportunities, Inc.

21 Ivy Road

Malden, MA 02148

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