- June Meeting Minutes-
Did you miss the June meeting? That's too bad! See below for important notes and meeting minutes. 
Meeting 6/5/2013
Attendees: Brooks Stone, der Au Michael, Jason Hetherington, Jim Edge, Jerry Peters, Jay Nichols, Chip Louthan, James Wallace, Michael George, Roger Bouchard, Dixie Hornstein, Ryan Rinn, Andrew LaBonte, James Crenshaw, Giles Harnsberger, Andrew Basham, Kyle Brackett 

1. City of Richmond Update - Brooks Stone and Jason Hetherington
  • Funds approved by Councilman Charles Samuels for participation in a Storefront for Community Design Workshop


  • Brooks and Mark Olinger to work on budget for a potential ULI study fall '13
  • Virginia Traffic Engineering Internship for historic Scott's Addition - Justine Roberts

Purpose - City of Richmond Departments of Public Works, Planning & Development Review and Economic & Community Development are partnering together to gather existing conditions information on the historic Scott's Addition neighborhood.     

  • Addressed issues for future budget planning; signage, sidewalk repairs, zoning, future parking, traffic flow 
  • FACTS 
    • Currently 8 large projects in Scott's Addition
    • 973 new units
    • 695,736 square feet
    • $105,100,000 of investments
    • 10% of the current projects for review in the City of Richmond

2. Storefront for Community Design - Ryan Rinn and Giles Harnsberger
  • Presentation of a working concept for a Scott's Addition workshop
  • Goals - to engage SABA and neighborhood in the visioning and strategic implementation of the following:
    • Zoning and Land Use
    • Parking Plan
    • Defining Neighborhood Identity
    • Way-finding and other signage
    • Sidewalk and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Storefront to maintain a relationship with SABA following the conclusion of the workshop series to ensure the implementation of neighborhood improvements.
  • 3 session workshop - $1,200 
  • Previous workshops and implementation include Carver Neighborhood Plan, Springhill, and more
3. Motion to approve $600's for the SABA portion of the Storefront proposal. Motion was unanimously approved.  Other half pre-approved by Councilman Samuels.


4. New business  
  • Discussion to support GRACRE, Greater Richmond Association of Commercial Real Estate, event for this fall.  GRACRE is looking to highlight Scott's Addition on a tour to 100+ commercial real estate agents. 
    • Chip Louthan and Jason Hetherington to present at July meeting for possible participation
    • SABA cost will be a minimum of $1,000 
  • SABA position on the Diamond/Boulevard - Chip Louthan opened discussions about SABA taking a position on the future of the Diamond.  Will be added to agenda for July.
  • Introduction to LOCAL SUDS and possible partnership for a public fall event.  "Taking Back the Boulevard"/"Beer, Bourbon, Boulevard"/"Fall Festival". Presentation from LOCAL SUDS to manage the event will be on the agenda for July.
JULY MEETING DATE CHANGE - Due to the 4th of July holiday! Our next Monthly Meeting will be Wednesday, JULY 10 at 8:30 a.m. at Riverside PACE MacTavish (1300 MacTavish Avenue).

Scott's Addition Business Association | P.O. Box 26041 | Richmond, VA 23230

SABA MISSION: Provide a forum for businesses, property owners and residents of the greater Scott's Addition area to address community issues; protect the integrity of the Scott's Addition historic designation; preserve the neighborhood's economy; and enhance the vitality of the community.

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