5 Days Left To Apply!
Deadline is 8/31/2020
City of Apple Valley / EDA Small Biz Grant
Only 20% of the $400,000 available funds
have been applied for so far.
PLEASE APPLY NOW for these grants up to $10,000. These ARE NOT LOANS
and do not need to be paid back.
You must apply by 11:59 pm
on Monday August 31st, 2020.
Grant Overview
The City of Apple Valley recognizes that many businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. To assist businesses, the City of Apple Valley has allocated $400,000 in funding for small business grants up to $10,000 from the City's CARES Act allocation. The program focuses on funding physical improvements made by businesses to remain agile and adaptive during this time.

Grant Amount
A business may apply for a one-time grant award not to exceed $10,000. The applicant may only be reimbursed for a cost directly caused by COVID-19. Applicants may request funding at any amount between $500 -$10,000, based on demonstrated costs. Requests shall be in whole numbers to the nearest $100.00. Only one application per business is allowed to be submitted.

Applications open on-line on Friday, August 21. Applications close end of day, Monday, August 31. Applications will be reviewed September 1- September 9. Notification of Award and requests for additional information follow on and after September 10. The City and EDA retain the authority and discretion to approve or deny an application. It reserves the right to subsequently add further priorities, change eligibility criteria, or discontinue the program in response to changing circumstances, particularly if funding remains available after initial awards.
Program Requirements

Eligible expenses must be:
  • Incurred at the Apple Valley business location – Improvements and PPE are required to be made in/at Apple Valley businesses. Businesses are not required to utilize Apple Valley contractors, suppliers, or materials
  • Incurred as a direct result of COVID-19 (not a planned or budgeted expense) and the applicant must provide an explanation of why the expense is COVID-19 related and will certify that the expense was not a pre-budgeted expense
  • Substantiated with receipts or other documentation

Applicant businesses must:
  • Be located in the City of Apple Valley
  • Have a physical location in a Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional zoning district
  • Have 50 or fewer full-time employees (also known as full-time equivalents or FTE)

The following businesses are ineligible for the Apple Valley Small Business Assistance Grant Program:
  • Businesses not located in Apple Valley
  • Businesses that have revenues which exceeded $1.5 million in 2019
  • Non-profit organizations which are not 501C 3 or veterans organizations
  • Home-based businesses; those without a physical location established in the allowed land use districts (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)
  • Businesses who are not making physical, PPE, or other improvements to their Apple Valley location. 
  • A direct benefit for the Apple Valley location of a business must be established. 
  • An applicant narrative will allow for additional explanation.
  • Financial institutions 
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Businesses that derive income from passive investments; real estate transactions (except that realtors and other realty related businesses are not categorically excluded); property rentals or property management; billboards; or lobbying 

What are Eligible Expenditures?
The Apple Valley program is prioritizing physical improvements to a business property. Examples of eligible expenditures are below. 
  • Building improvements,
  • Equipment and furnishings
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), physical barriers, pandemic safety additions
  • Sanitizing supplies
  • Signage
  • Employee training
  • Transition to online sales, e-commerce, digital enhancements, servers, equipment, website
  • Printing
  • Advertising
  • Supplies needed to restart operations

All grant recipients shall be required to indemnify the City of Apple Valley, Economic Development Authority, and any officers acting on their behalf.
On-Site Title
2020 Platinum Golf Sponsor
On-Site Title is our 3rd of 6 Platinum Golf Sponsors. Terri Schmidt-Trombley (pictured) is the President of the company and she is truly one-of-a-kind. Her positive attitude and laughter are contagious and it is impossible not to have a good time when Terri is in the room. Ever since setting up shop in Apple Valley, Terri and the On-Site Title team have made it a point to be involved in the Apple Valley business community, earning them the 2017 Apple Valley Small Business of the Year award. From hosting Business After Hours events to attending the Gala to sponsoring the Golf Par-Tee, On-Site does it all.

The On-Site Title team are your "Mobile Closing Professionals". They do the traveling so you don't have to, from Burnsville to Bemidji. On-Site Title is a leading full-service title insurance agency dedicated to creating lasting relationships. Their experienced staff is excited not only to work for you, but with you to make your transaction as easy & stress-free as possible. Keep them in mind for your next move! This is On-Site Title's 4th year as a Platinum Sponsor.
Golf Par-Tee Update
Just 14 Days Until The Fun Begins!
Time is running out to register so delay no longer! Join us for this thirst-quenching, hunger-relieving, fun-filled day! 9 food holes, 9 beer/wine holes, raffle and more.

On a more serious note, it is no secret that COVID has affected us all. This is likely the only fundraising event our Chamber will be doing this year and we not only are looking forward to seeing your shining faces, but we also need your help in making it a success. We are currently looking for awesome items for the silent auction and would greatly appreciate your donation. If you are able to help, let us know! Our members are what make us so great, we can't thank you enough. We will come pick up the item from anywhere!

DEED Call for Business
Notes From Today's Conference Call 8/27/2020
APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: There is good info in today’s DEED Conference call. Pay attention especially to the Q & A at the end where there is a great deal of restaurant and gatherings information.

—State’s 6,000 $10K grants
—Restaurants in the fall/winter
—Large gathering venues
—Enforcement of Executive Orders (EO’s)
—Insurance questions to Commerce dept.
—Covid testing questions
—Workman’s Comp claims
—Enforcement going up in some industries
—Majority complying, working on more enforcement
—Tax Grace period over: no interest/penalties if prove civid-related
—Local governments

—Home mandate, when can or must workers return to office
—Will sales taxes increase to recoup lost revenue
—More on restaurants, increase group sizes allowed, will it change to 75% from 50%
—Schools back and impact on workforce
—MN Chamber statewide database regarding LOCAL COVID FUNDING PROGRAMS LINK
—Enforcement of masks in restaurants, churches
—Enforcement shifting heavily to restaurants now by Dept. Labor & Industry
—Prevailing wage requirements
2020 08 27 Call, DEED
Thursday, August 27, 2020
10:35 AM

Peter Brickley, Asst Commissioner of Commerce
Cynthia Bauerly, Commissioner of Revenue
See Yang, Staff, DEED
Steve Grove, DEED
Kevin McKinnon, Deputy Commissioner of DEED
Darielle Dannon, Legislative Director

DEED, Steve Grove
·        Actively engaging with CDFIs on administering the SBRGs to business awardees. $10K grants, about 6K total.
·        Business are required to be filed/currently registered with Secretary of State to be eligible. Some awardees are not, working with partners on this.
·        Continue to work on reopening process… biggest looming component is schools.
·        As Fall hits and weather changes, challenges continue for restaurants and hospitality. Actively engaging to determine how we might help mitigate.
·        Large venues: some of the trickiest components of "turning the dial forward."
·        Enforcement of existing Eos re gatherings and masks: more a DOL and Health issue… know it's important that we get enforcement right as a state.
Commerce, Peter Brickley
·        Staff are reaching out to business and community organizations re insurance-related questions. Please reach out to me or contact counterpart at DEED and they will connect us.
·        COVID: continue to get handful of calls from consumers re COVID questions. Two buckets: 1) providers charging for testing; 2) where can they do virtual screenings to determine if they need a test. Triaging folks to the right agency.
Nicole Blissenbach, DLI
·        Workers Comp: 
o   as part of legislation passed that provide Presumption for COVID-related workers comp claims in certain industries, also a requirement for Commissioner of DLI to provide detailed report on claims that were affected by the legislation to the Work Comp Advisory Council and Legislature. 
o   That report is due in Jan 2021, we are tracking carefully now in anticipation of this report. Working closely with MDH to get #s.
o   In general, we are seeing significant impact on acceptance/denial of claims that fall under the presumption. Seeing more accepted.
·        Enforcement:
o   Including enforcement of EOs re safety and health.
o   Seeing #s going up in certain industries… many establishments are in compliance but hard for them when others are not complying, thus risking the industry's status of being "open."
o   School year ahead requires more work here as well.
o   DLI, OSHA Division, has been ww MDH and DPS targeting increased enforcement efforts.
o   We know, based on what we're seeing, large majority of establishments are complying. Want to bring attention to those who are and addressing those who are not.
Commissioner Bauerly, Revenue
·        Grace periods
o   For taxes: grace periods expired now. We are ww customers to get caught up on taxes due.
o   Eager to ww customer, helping them figure out a plan.
o   We will abate interest and penalties if late payment is due to COVID-19.
·        Local funds distribution
o   Passed penultimate deadline for filing from local govts, which is 9/1.
o   Have distributed nearly all the funds. 
o   These municipalities re reporting to MMB on where they are spending the $.
1.      I am hearing more open enrollment for options for students want in person schooling. How do you see per-student funding being impacted - if at all? Grove: I will have to look into this question and respond next week.
2.      What is current return to office plan? Website still includes work from home mandate, but can we include voluntary return to office for those who can't work from home…? Grove: current EO is that if you can work from home, you must. Community spread is still high, at 35-36%, still concerning. Re voluntary return to office where people can't work from home, this is possible. Is a business decision. Broader issue is that IF you can work from home, you MUST. We do know this is important and will open more broadly as soon as possible.
3.      Businesses have a concern that state will pursue sales tax to recoup lost revenue. Any thoughts on this? could hurt businesses already suffering. Bauerly: recent update from MMB, we are facing shortfall in this biennium and projected of $4.7B in next biennium. As Gov and Legislature convene in next session, typical budget session, they will have to wrestle with the tools we have to balance state's budget. So, at this point, all this will be taken up next session.
4.      What is being discussed about how to handle restaurants as we move to fall/winter? Are you considering allowing more people indoors to, at a minimum, maintain same # of diners? Grove: discussion are ongoing. We are having vigorous discussions with partner. #1 stressed industry is accommodations and food service. We know how challenging this is. The big question: can you maintain 6' of social distancing indoors at an occupancy rate of more than 50% (which is where we are)? Now collecting data. 75% occupancy is hard… so what are other mitigating adjustments we can consider? Maybe increase party size from 6 to 8 or 10, could do some banquets/events or larger groups… discussing with our partners in these sectors.
5.      SBRG: if companies are "in good standing" before funds are distributed, would be helpful. Can we change? Grove: would require legislative change. Law currently written says "certified by march 1." if you have retroactive registration we can make accommodations. Otherwise, any other change would have to come from legislative action. This is not a DEED requirement.
6.      School districts' decisions on learning models will have significant impact on workforce. 14-day average case rate by county will determine what happens with our schools. Why is MDH data updated only 12 days AFTER the 14-day period? By the time it's public, data is 3-4 weeks old. How to make it available faster to help schools and business? Grove: I will connect with colleagues and get back to you. That said, in all data reporting there are lags both from timing and accuracy. Know it is a priority. Blissenbach: Deputy Commissioner Mueller from MDE has said, case count #s are only 1 factor school districts are selecting. That's where you start, and other considerations that come after.  Grove: I just got a response from MDE: will need to take this up with the Legislature, this whole idea of "holding schools harmless."
7.      MN Chamber: through its GrowMN partnerships, they are providing statewide database re local COVID funding programs available. If you are interested, go towww.mnchamber.com/blog/local-covid-19-resource-database
8.      Is the DLI and MDH set-up in enforcement only for restaurants/ bars or is it also for other places of gatherings like places of worship? Blissenbach: letting the #s guide us. now, most concerning data is coming from restaurants/bars. So that is where increased enforcement efforts now will be focused. Doesn’t preclude shift if numbers in other aeras change. 
9.      Are projects that use CRF/CARES Act funds subject to prevailing wage requirements? Blissenbach: will be getting answer to you. Team at DLI will be on it. talking with US DOL on this question. Send questions to our Prevailing Wage Unit. 
Resources for Employers Looking to Hire
Links, Career Fairs & More
  • Minnesota Works – This is the State’s website
  • 65,000+ jobs are posted and there are 22,000+ “active resumes”    www.minnesotaworks.net The site is free for both employers and job seekers.   Employers need to register. 
  • But once they have their account they can take a look at resumes.
  • www.CareerForcemn.com  has a ton of resources for employers. It just launched last year. It has info on writing inclusive job descriptions.
  • Typically, we hosted “Hiring”  and /or “Employer of the Day” events at each of our three sites. They were a great way for job seekers and employers to meet. While they’re on hold,
  • we’re publicizing job openings in our periodic emails to job seekers and those who work with them. 
  • DEED is hosting “virtual Career Fairs”. 
  • For both items 3 & 4, an employer can contact:  Lisa.Odland@co.dakota.mn.us (Dakota) or Derek Pederson (Scott) dpederson@co.scott.mn.us
  • Career Centers at Colleges – The career counselors there are resources to post jobs. They are Jessica Ayub (Jessica.Ayub@dctc.edu) at Dakota County Technical College and Emily Johnson (EJohnso@inverhills.edu) at Inver Hills Community Colleges.
  • We can connect employers with specialized populations such as ex-offenders; Veterans; and people with disabilities for example. There are also some state/federal programs such as Work Opportunity Tax Credit and bonding programs which can be helpful for employers. 
  • https://mn.gov/deed/business/finding-workers/incentives/  
Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce | info@applevalleychamber.com