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Last week's Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup was epic. Held at Amazon's new offices in downtown Santa Cruz, a variety of presenting local companies spoke about using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their platform. We've got a video and a photo essay to share. This week Mary Meeker published her annual Internet Trends report. Find out why Looker is pleased. Remember the drone conference held in Santa Cruz last year? It was held over the weekend, and although it's in San Francisco this year, we've still got you covered. Blockchain and genomics data? The Santa Cruz Bitcoin meetup is hosting David Haussler on June 15. Haussler will describe efforts to organize this sharing activity at a global scale, and how blockchain technologies might fit in.

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Why is Amazon here in Santa Cruz? Find out what Amazon has to say about that. Watch the video.

An Epic Walk in the Clouds: Catch a few images from last week's "Amazon meetup." Read this story.

When Mary Meeker talks, people listen. So why is Looker pleased with Meeker's annual Internet Trends report that just came out? Read this story. 

Drones Data X Conference flys high in San Francisco and concludes with 55 executives in Santa Cruz during VIP Weekend. Read this story.

The Bright Future of Dark Fiber: Santa Cruz belies its laid-back rep with a smart internet scheme. Read this story. 

Blockchain and Genomics? Come hear David Haussler talk on efforts to share data on genetic variants on a global scale, and how blockchain might fit in. Read this story. 

Learn Poser 11 & Poser Pro 11 with new video tutorials. Jump start your skills with this new learning resource. Read this story.

The Sammy Showcase -- held in Silicon Valley over the weekend -- is a massive festival of UCSC student games. Read this story.
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