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Last night a friend asked me about local/regional trends. What's hot here right now? (Certainly not the weather.) My quick brain dump: AgTech (watch Salinas), Action Tech (electric skateboards, bikes, motorcycles), IoT/Wearables (smart beds, headsets), and Genomics (UCSC, offshoots). Did I miss anything?

We've got two Q&A articles this week. One with Alexander Wolf, the new dean of Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC, and the other with Nathan Dorn, founder and CEO of Food Origins. Inboard CEO, Ryan Evans, gives a video walk-through of their new M1 electric skateboard. If you haven't RSVP'd to this month's Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, better hurry. And, of course, there's more.

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Q&A: Nathan Dorn, founder of Food Origins, talks about  precision data collection for hand harvested crops. Read this article.

Q&A: Alexander Wolf, new dean at Baskin School of Engineering, talks about collaborating with the rest of campus, and connecting with the Santa Cruz non-campus community. Read this article.

Celebrating 20 years, O'Neill Sea Odyssey will distribute it's math, marine ecology, marine biology curriculum nationally. Read this article.

Watch: Inboard CEO, Ryan Evans, walks through the features, details, and specifications of the M1 electric skateboard. Watch the video.

Taylor Farms' response to the labor shortage has been to step up its harvesting technology. The goal is to reduce costs, increase efficiency and woo younger workers. Read this article.

It often sells out so RSVP ASAP for the September 7 Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup featuring Fuzz Stati0n, Slick, Tiny Garage, Futbol Connect, Impact Scorecards. Read this article. 
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