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Ok, I admit it. My favorite article of the week is the one about SCO -- Santa Cruz Operation -- and Pizza Hut creating the first ever pizza ordering system over the internet. It was 1994 and it happened in Santa Cruz. (NB: I worked at SCO from 1989 to 2002.) We've got a variety of news from UCSC this week. In one story, four games by UCSC students have been nominated for awards at the IndieCade Festival, the biggest event in the indie games community. The public is invited to the opening celebration of the UCSC Silicon Valley Center, featuring a series of TED-style talks. It's free. Dovetail Genomics and Illumina have signed a co-marketing agreement. Sean Tario interviews Reesa Abrams. And, there's more.

We have the news you need to know. So, scroll down and start reading!

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Let's start out with some old news -- from 1994 -- back when SCO & Pizza Hut made headlines with PizzaNet. Read this article.

Dovetail Genomics has signed an agreement with Illumina to co-market Dovetail's genome sequencing and assembly services. Read this article.

With grant of nearly $1M, UCSC engineers will create a service for passengers with special needs in collaboration with IBM Research and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Read this article.

The City of Salinas reports the results from the July 2016 Forbes AgTech Summit. Read this article. 

The game design program at UCSC will be well represented at the 2016 IndieCade Festival, the biggest event in the indie games community. Four games developed by UCSC students have been nominated for awards. Read this article. 

The public is invited to the September 28 opening celebration of the UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus, including TED-style talks. Read this article.

Q&A: Reesa Abrams says "this blooming of STEM women is long overdue." At her first programming job, she worked in Houston with Mission Control for NASA on Apollo 8, 9, and 10.
Read this article.

UCSC engineers use flexible silicone material to build an integrated optofluidic platform for biological sample processing and optical analysis. Read this article.

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