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With limited space on campus, Baskin School of Engineering is expanding even further into buildings on the Westside of Santa Cruz. (I got the scoop from the dean.) What does it mean to be a "maker"? The Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire is inviting local makers to participate in the second annual faire coming up in April. Find out what Evans Data Corporation does. ETR announces their next CEO. UCSC engineers are working with Samsung on promising new memory technology.

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In this Q&A with Baskin Engineering Dean Alexander Wolf, learn about plans for new labs -- Robotics/Motion Capture and Smart Power -- as the school expands into buildings on the Westside of Santa Cruz. Read this article.

Calling all Makers! Making can be light hearted and whimsical, or it can be life-changing. (Think Burning Man, CES, and the county fair.) The Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire wants you! Read this article.

Founded in 1998 by Janel Garvin, Evans Data Corporation provides market research, market intelligence, and strategic planning in the software development industry. Learn more about EDC. Read this article.

As one of 15 partners in the Samsung Global MRAM Innovation program, UCSC Professor Holger Schmidt's lab is collaborating with Samsung researchers to help develop an  emerging memory technology. Read this article.

ETR announces the appointment of Dr. Vignetta Charles as CEO. "Her transformative leadership style and strong track record of vision, strategy and diverse organizational executive experience are ideal for the organization moving forward." Read this article.

CTV / Satellite invites you to a meetup about 360 Video, from capture through editing and viewing in Virtual Reality (VR).  Read this article.

Get ready, hackers, for UC Santa Cruz's first student-run hackathon. Read this article.  

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