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February 2017 Newsletter


I apologize for sending out our February newsletter in March. However, our email vendor was having trouble with the display of photos, and what is a staging newsletter without photos?

It was once said, "Nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza." I would like to think our staging of a $17.9 million 4 bedroom apartment was not unimportant as well, since the apartment quickly received an offer. However, it was not meant to be and this beautiful apartment is still on the market for the right buyer who wishes to live in this storied building. 

Located at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, The Plaza Hotel opened in 1892. It was acquired by Conrad Hilton in 1943 and by Donald Trump in 1988. After it was acquired by an Iraeli-owned Manhattan-based developer, El Ad Properties, in 2004, it was closed for extensive renovations and reopened in 2008 with a combination of residential, commercial and hotel spaces. Hence, that is why there are apartments in The Plaza Hotel, one of which we had the honor to stage. 

See our before and after photos below, as well as this technologically incredible  virtual tour of the entire apartment after our staging. 

Warm Regards, 

Donna M. Dazzo, President
Designed To Appeal
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Testimonial of the Month:
Featured Staging: $17.9M Four Bed/Three and a Half Bath Condo We Staged At the Plaza!!
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Ways To Make Your Living Room More Luxe
Did You Know...? A Glass Doorknob Can Start A Fire?
Market Overview: The East End
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  Testimonial of the MonthTestimonial

" Working with Donna and her team is very easy and flexible! Clients demand ideas quickly in the marketplace and Donna has the ability to quickly match those ideas with her experience and taste - seamlessly.  For a broker this is invaluable! And to have an ally connect the dots and showcase a product with no flaws is amazing!

Lafayette Realty Partners, New York, NY

$17.9M  Four Bed/Three and Half Bath 
Condo  We Staged At The Plaza!!

This apartment, with its stunning 18th floor views of lush Central Park, needed to be brought up to date.  The overuse of gold everywhere had to be toned down (Donald Trump would probably disagree).  The real estate agent, Francis Caamano of Lafayette Realty, enlisted painters to paint the apartment with a light, neutral color.  We sourced and replaced the outdated lighting fixtures throughout the apartment.  However, the beautiful and elegant brass doorknobs and bathroom fixtures were retained. 

Designed to Appeal then brought in sophisticated transitional style furniture which would appeal to the target buyer of an apartment in this building.  In fact one potential buyer liked the way it looked so much, they wanted to buy all of the furniture! 
Living Area Before Staging

Living Area After Staging

Sitting Area Before Staging

Sitting Area After Staging

Dining Room Before Staging

Dining Room After Staging

Den Before Staging

Den After Staging

Kid's Bedroom Before Staging 

Kid's Bedroom After Staging

Guest Bedroom Before Staging

Guest Bedroom After Staging

Master Bedroom Before Staging
Master Bedroom After Staging

Master Bedroom Sitting Area Before Staging

Master Bedroom Sitting Area After Staging

To view the entire report click here.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
Ways To Make Your Living Room More Luxe

Interior Designer and  Houzz contributor Neila Deen shares how even small additions  can enhance the status of any living room. 

1. Statement Lighting

Whether it's a table lamp, ceiling light or floor lamp, a lighting source can also be a statement piece. Try adding drama via oversized lampshades, a glamorous gold lamp base or a modern crystal chandelier. A shiny finish or a large size can give a room a high-style focal point.

 2. Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are the quintessential accessory to add light, the illusion of more space and a shiny, luxe feeling. Try hanging at least one large mirror above a sofa, credenza or showcase feature, such as a fireplace.

 3. Oversized Art
When it comes to artwork in the living room, the bigger the canvas or framed art, the more high-end the room will feel. Large artwork creates a gallery look, which appears expensive. 

4. Luxurious High Curtains

Hang window treatments as high as possible on the wall, or even from the ceiling. An elevated placement creates volume and gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, something many luxury living rooms feature. 

5. Luxurious Pillows and Throws 
Make the small investment in throw pillows and throw blankets made of luxe textiles. Look for fabrics such as silk, metallic linen, velvet and even faux fur. These fabrics not only look and feel expensive, but their textured surfaces also will help create a layered and highly styled look when placed on your existing furniture.

For more tips click  here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
   A Glass Doorknob Can Start A Fire?
Apartment Therapy contributor Tara Bellucci honed in on an interesting story via Reddit where one user shared a cautionary tale of accidental fire at their home. Not by an unattended candle, or a frayed wire, or even unventilated electronics - but by a doorknob!

Reddit user Proteon shared a photo of a burned wall that was caused by the sun shining through a glass doorknob.

And it's not just doorknobs that can cause damage: Jars, mirrors (and mirrored furniture), fishbowls, crystal balls and other objects, glass bottles, and even eyeglasses can cause damage when left in the sun.

Light, when refracted through glass objects, can get hot enough to start a blaze. And while the it's not a large cause of fires by any means, it does happen regularly enough for the  London Fire Brigade to comment on it. They stated in 2015, after a  Nutella jar started a fire, that 125 light refraction cases had been reported in the last five years. And that's just one city.

"This shows these fires are not an urban myth," said Charles Pugley, an investigator for the Brigade. "Also make sure that you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home."
Here are  more guidelines for fire prevention, and here are other statistics, facts, tips and info on the  NFPA website.

To read the entire story click here!
The following is a comparison of  January 2017 vs. January 2016, annualized, b y town, according to  Suffolk Research Service, Inc.
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