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Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's some love for local tech including the news you need to know.

This week you can find out what Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz has to say about the upcoming Titans of Tech event. Watch a TED video about the connection between coral reefs, crochet, and hyperbolic geometry. (After that, you may want to head up to UCSC's Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery.) Watch what one fast-talking Looker engineer did on hack day experimenting w/ data viz.

Of course, there's more, so scroll down and start reading!

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Q&A: Matthew Swinnerton on the Titans of Tech event. "I want to hear why they do what they do. So that's what we are going to get, ten titans talking from the heart." Read this article.

Watch: What's the amazing connection between coral, crochet, and hyperbolic geometry? Watch this TED video and visit the Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery at UCSC. Read this article and watch video.

Watch: It's hack day at Looker and this engineer is playing with data visualization in virtual reality... because Why Not? Read this article and watch video.

Is your 7th - 12th grader interested in technology, design, or entrepreneurship? SCTECH 2017 has the event. Read this article.

"With a growing global population, labor shortage, rising cost of doing business, water and land limitations, and the uncertainty under a new White House administration -- agtech isn't just a fad but a necessity." Read this article.

Opinion: The earth does not need us, we need the earth. (The importance of supporting Monterey Bay Community Power project in these critical times.) Read this article.

You may know that Pearl has a wireless backup camera but this little component may save you from a ticket. Read this article. 
Note: Dates, times, and locations are all subject to change. Be sure to check the event website, just in case! 

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