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Thank you to the City of Salinas for renewing their Gold Tier partnership with us for the coming year! Stay tuned for more AgTech news, especially when the Forbes AgTech Summit returns to Salinas in June. " The smartest minds at the intersection of Silicon Valley and global agriculture converge at the Forbes AgTech Summit to tackle critical challenges and showcase the latest innovations for farmers, investors and stakeholders of global food systems." (Source: Forbes)

Here's the news you need to know.

With Dovetail, Somagenics, Two Pore Guys, and perhaps other genomics startups, under the same roof, there's a genomics hub brewing on the Westside of Santa Cruz. Here's some big news: Two Pore Guys just raised $24.5M in Series A funding. With the strong connection local genomics companies have to research at UCSC, it's no wonder this has generated excitement on campus.

Calliope embraces a new name, and wins a gold design award in New York. Pastc's demise (aka bankrupcy) has created a big opportunity for EDGE Mobile Payments, and they're jumping in to pick up the pieces. WaveClock launched their Kickstarter campaign on May 1. Chris Bley of InspecTools shares his thoughts on fields and drones.

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Genomics startup, Two Pore Guys, raises $24.5M in Series A financing. Read this article

From Forbes... This Is Neat: Billionaire Vinod Khosla is betting on a handheld diagnostic test. Read this article.

Plastc's demise creates a big opportunity for EDGE Mobile Payments, creator of EDGE Card. Read this article. 

Calliope goes all-in as Buoy Labs, and their product wins gold at the Edison Design Awards in New York. Design partner Herbst Produkt helps bring Buoy to life. Read this article.

With California's AgTech focus, new technologies and the workers needed to support them will play a significant role in many aspects of our food production. Read this article. 

Startup Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA), a business accelerator class at UCSC, will be offered for a second time this summer. Read this article.  

Sales have been steady enough on the custom WaveClocks to keep development moving along, however, it's time for the next level: Kickstarter. Read this article.

The community turned out for family crafts, technology and local food at the second annual Santa Cruz Maker Faire 2017. View the photos.

Yardarm Technologies announces top Microsoft executive will become CEO of the public safety IoT company. Read this article.

What do Verve, LifeAid, Humble Sea, Conscious Leadership Group, OutSite, CruzFoam, Novatuer, and Mountain Sea Adventures have in common? Come to the May 3 Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup to find out. Read this article.

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