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Get ready for the first fiberhood. The folks at Santa Cruz Fiber say the Sentinel missed the mark in a recent article. The fiber project is very much alive. Cruzio CEO, Peggy Delgenos, shares her insight on the fight for net neutrality and explains how you can help. WordStream has acquired John Marshall's Algorithmic Ads, a small startup you may not have heard of. UCSC professor and ancient DNA expert Ed Green -- the DNA is ancient, Ed Green is not -- is part of a team helping to identify the remains of 19th-century baby Jane Doe found in a San Francisco backyard.

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Santa Cruz Fiber says the Sentinel missed the mark. The fiber project is still very much on track. Read this article.

John Marshall: With a fair amount of serendipity, Algorithmic Ads has been acquired by WordStream. Read this article.

Peggy Dolgenos on Net Neutrality: When a supposed industry watchdog says they want to cut red tape, it's time to look out. Here's how you can help. Read this article.

Nathan Dorn tells us about a case study where he helped a grower save money by helping the grower track and measure the productivity of each worker. Watch the video.

Ancient DNA expert Ed Green joins a team of scientists and volunteers to identify the remains of 19th-century baby Jane Doe found in SF backyard. Read this article.

How does the theme of "Migrations" relate to the emergence of minority women in the Agtech sector? Read this article.

Buoy Labs: MIT's Water Innovation Prize helps turn a water innovation idea into a business with access to mentors, research, and networks in the water industry. Read this article. 

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