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What do transparent digital displays, gesture based controls, and personalized targeted ads all have in common? You'll find out when you read the article about Litmusbox.

"Cancer is a disease of the genome, caused by genetic changes that lead to uncontrolled growth and proliferation of tumor cells." Read about cutting edge cancer research taking place at UCSC despite the fact that the university doesn't have a medical school.

Once again, Forbes is hosting the AgTech Summit in Salinas. The event in late June will bring hundreds of leaders in global agriculture and tech to the region -- a veritable AgTech hub -- to share how they're tackling and solving critical challenges in the world.

An Action Sports Expo, WaterSHRED, is gearing up to celebrate local extreme sports innovation. Head over to the San Lorenzo River for this event, coming up in June.

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What do transparent digital displays, gesture based controls, and personalized targeted ads all have in common? Find out as Litmusbox opens Digital Engagement Lab in Santa Cruz. Read this article.

The 3rd Forbes AgTech Summit brings together more than 600 entrepreneurial minds in global agriculture with those in tech to tackle some of the world's most critical challenges. Read this article.

Santa Cruz City Council approves permits for Santa Cruz Fiber to begin building the downtown segment of the citywide fiber optic network immediately. Read this article. 

Looker announces support for Amazon Redshift's new Spectrum feature. Looker customers can immediately take advantage of it. Read this article.

EDGE Mobile Payments announces the development of EDGE Mobile Pay, a new smartphone app that will work as a standalone mobile wallet. Read this article.

Farming meets the future in Salinas. A new micro website highlights the agtech ecosystem of the Salinas Valley. Read this article.

UCSC may not have a medical school, but its scientists are tackling some of the most challenging problems in cancer genomics, drug discovery, and basic cancer biology. Read this article.

Job hunting? Reps from Amazon, Plantronics, Modern Tribe, ProductOps, Portable Cloud, Paystand, Joby Aviation, Cyxtera, FullPower will be at the June 7 Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup. Read this article.

WaterSHRED, an action sports expo along the San Lorenzo river, will celebrate our home-grown extreme sports innovators and outfitters. Save June 10. Read this article.

Basic broadband in every home and fast fiber for every business: that's the goal endorsed by Gonzales city council members. Read this article. 

SomaGenics announces receipt of a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute. Read this article.

Note: Dates, times, and locations are all subject to change. Be sure to check the event website, just in case! 
  • Sat Jun 10, 11am-4pm: WaterSHRED at the San Lorenzo River, 440 Front St, Santa Cruz.
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