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A new company is launching to help schools facing challenges with internet connectivity in both developed and underdeveloped regions of the world. UCSC researchers will collaborate with partners in the US and Europe to build a platform to map every cell type in the human bod y. EDGE Mobile Payments has extended their bailout offer to include Coin customers. The City of Salinas continues efforts to transform their farm-based economy into a knowledge-based AgTech-focused economy.

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Nucleos debuts with a focus on delivering 21st century learning to students in both underdeveloped and developed regions of the world. Read this article.

EDGE Mobile Payments extends the Plastc bailout offer to the customers of the Coin card due to strong demand from former Plastc customers. Read this article 

A coding curriculum as early as grade school can play a role in whether or not students gravitate to related STEM fields. Read this article.

The IDEA Hub is a new campus-wide initiative for students, created to spread social and creative entrepreneurship at UCSC. Read this article. 

UCSC's Genomics Institute joins an international community of researchers coalescing around the Human Cell Atlas Initiative, an ambitious plan to map every cell type in the human body. Read this article. 

Hello Salinas: Welcome AgTech season! Salinas prepares for the third AgTech Summit. Read this article.  

Not tech but... Great Santa Cruz Trail Group relaunches as Santa Cruz County Greenway. Read this article. 
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  • Sat Jun 10, 11am-4pm: WaterSHRED at the San Lorenzo River, 440 Front St, Santa Cruz.
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