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I've been on vacation for two weeks (hooray!) and took a break from publishing this digest last week. I'm now preparing this from afar, with news from the last couple of weeks.

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Top Stories 

Heidi Schriefer, VP of People and Places at Looker, talks about recruiting strategies companies use to find talent -- and how they differ based on the company's size and stage of growth. Read this article.

Gamers can't keep up with all the new titles constantly being published. GameSpace is an experimental online tool designed to help find the next video game to play. Read this article.

Community energy expert, Tom Habashi, has been selected as Interim CEO by the Monterey Bay Community Power Policy Board. Read this article.

Veteran science journalist Erika Check Hayden is the new director of UCSC's prestigious Science Communication program. Read this article.

Looker introduces a slew of new features as part of the company's recent, 4-week release cycle of major upgrades. Read this article.

Local authors Trevor Strudley and Heather Stiles share their expertise in an easy summer read on personal wealth management for busy tech execs and entrepreneurs. Read this article.

Watch some of the presentations from last week Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup. Check out videos from Fuzz Station, Photobloom AR, and Santa Cruz Wave Works. Watch videos now.

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