T he largest community college district bond election ever attempted in Texas history, and the fourth largest bond in the state, is being contested in a Dallas court.   Analysis of the official results by election integrity advocacy groups show numerous tabulation discrepancies that are enough to completely discredit the officially reported results.

Experts are sorting through a myriad of inconsistent election reports, computerized audit logs, conflicting tabulation numbers and sordid accounts of an environment rife with lawlessness, according to court documents.

The over 4,600 page election petition details that eyewitnesses, official Dallas County central counting station watchers, directly observed tabulation errors, illegalities and potential fraud.  

The bond election was reported to have passed with 71.46% in favor. Yet, election contest court documents cite, "While the margin of victory appears large, when electronic vote tabulation manipulations, mistakes, errors or fraud occurs, the vote spread knows no bounds."

Early Voting Shows Huge Discrepancies
No Paper Trail Exists to Verify Results
The 18-page election contest , filed in Dallas County District Court in June, asserts that the enormity of electronic vote tabulation errors and illegalities makes it impossible to determine the bond election’s true outcome.  As such, a Dallas court is being asked to evaluate the evidence and declare the election void and order a new one. 

Analysts have begun unraveling what seems to be a $1.1 Billion-dollar election gone wrong. The detailed election contest contains over 4,000 pages of exhibits and evidence.

"The reported results for early voting and election day don't add up - the math is way off,” said Dr. Laura Pressley, Ph.D., and founder of True Texas Elections, LLC. “Because of the electronic vote tabulation discrepancies and reported illegalities, the official results of the $1Billion Dallas bond election are in question."
The Dallas Court is being asked to evaluate eyewitness reports and computerized tabulation irregularities and illegalities and declare the election void:

  • Early voting flash memory cards without security seals were left unattended without security personnel (a violation of the Texas Election Code and the Texas Secretary of State Advisory 2018-34).

  • Presiding judge or alternative judge were absent during the electronic download of early voting data (a violation of Texas’ Election Code Section 127.005).

  • Official watchers at Dallas County central counting station, report compelling evidence that a parallel central counting station may have been set up in another part of the building, where significant election tabulation events were potentially being conducted out of the view of official central counting station watchers (a violation of Texas Election Code 33.056).

  • Widespread use of wireless networks and computers, with wireless signals being documented when votes were downloaded and tabulated (in violation of Texas Election Code 129.054). Official watcher observed unlabeled grey ethernet cables running to the equipment, and a blue ethernet cable running between a wall drop and one of the tabulation system boxes on a rack. When asked why? Election officials replied, “I can’t really tell you. That’s why we rely on a contractor.”
Dr. Laura Pressley, Founder of True Texas Elections, LLC, holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, holds 4 US Patents in semiconductor device technologyShe filed an historic election integrity case in the Texas Supreme Court with evidence of electronic vote tabulation corruption:

Dr. Pressley prevailed in the Texas Supreme Court and has given more than 300 presentations all over Texas on how we can take back our elections. 

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