(2) Vemag Model HP12E Vacuum Fillers 

Dual Screw Type Extruders | Complete with Hoppers, Buggies, Controls

Vemag dual screw vacuum filler/dough portioner, Model HP12E,18.77 Hp, with approximately 38" diameter x 30" high stainless product hopper with scraper/transfer cam, lifting/tipping arms, graphic control HMI, mobile base, safety step, rated at 37,000 pounds per hour fill rate, 5-60000 g - adjustable portion weight at 0.1 to 1 g increment, up to 1200 portions per minute, plus (1) 25" long x 25" wide x 20" high stainless ingredient buggy.

Bakery Equipment Available:

S740527 Bin, 175 CF, S/st, 60 X 10', Live Bin Bottom, Auger, (3)
S741206 Bin, 650 CF, S/st, 5' X 4', Live Bin, Dust Collector,
C742509 Conveyor, Belt, 36 X 22', Cooling, S/st, Rigos,
S741278 Conveyor, Belt, 24 x 12', S/st, Cleated, 1.5 HP
S741277 Conveyor, Belt, 12 x 8', S/st, Plastic Belt, 1 HP,
S741214 Conveyor, Belt, 10 x 15', S/st, Turns
S740535 Conveyor, Belt, 7.5, S/st, 180 Deg. Turn, Safeline
L741247 Conveyor, Vibratory, 24 x 25', S/st, Key, Screening
S739701 Depositor, Hinds Bock, 5-across, Model 5P-08WT, Muffins,
S742209 Detector, Metal, 12 x 4, Goring Kerr, Ishida Checkweigher
C742472 Detector, Metal, 12 X 4, Loma, IQ, Belt Conveyor,
S742282 Detector, Metal, 12 x 5', Loma, IQ, Start/Stop
C742512 Detector, Metal, 13 X 8, Mettler Toledo, Safeline, 
C742511 Detector, Metal, 13 X 8, Mettler Toledo, Safeline, 
S741581 Detector, Metal, 20 x 5, Ramsey Icore, S/st, (2)
C742522 Detector, Metal, X-Ray, Anritsu, Mdl KD740AWH
S741579 Divider, Bun, Mdl K400SE, S/st, AMF, 40-100 CPM,
S741236 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 350 SF, S/st, HAF Equipment,
S741232 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 300 SF, 1400 CFM, S/st,
S741215 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 250 SF, S/st, Pulse-Jet,
S741234 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 160 SF, Flex Kleen, Mdl 18CTB,
S738020 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 150 SF, HAF Equipment
S733506 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 130 SF, Round Tank, Pulse,
S741228 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 50 SF, Top Blower, Airlock,
C742504 Extruder, Vemag, Mdl HP12E, S/st, Vacuum, Portioner, 
C742502 Extruder, Vemag, Mdl HP12E, S/st, Vacuum, Portioner,
A741415 Filler, Piston, Single, Unifiller, Mini Depositor, S/st,
S739855 Former, Crumb Spreader, Food Tools, S/st, Elec. Drive
S741233 Hopper, 200 CF, S/st, 5' x 5' x 10', Cone Btm,
S741237 Hopper, 150 CF, S/st, 5' X 4.5' X 5.5', Anderson Dahlen,
S740528 Hopper, 150 CF, S/st, 50 X 36 X 9', Live Bottom Bin
S741230 Hopper, 125 CF, S/st, 70 X 70 X 64, Valve,
S741238 Hopper, 120 CF, S/st, 5' X 3.5' X 5',
S740524 Hopper, 50 CF, S/st, 60 X 30 X 36, A&D Fabricating, (2)
S739699 Mixer, Dough, Spiral, 200 lb, S/st, Pietro Berto,
C742500 Mixer, Dough, Triple Bar, 1,000 lb, S/st, Horiz, Peerless
C742501 Mixer, Dough, Triple Bar, 900 lb, S/st, Horiz, Peerless
C742507 Oven, Belt, 15' X 30, Rigos, Mdl 9/501-ATO21633, Gas-Fired,
C742506 Oven, Belt, 15' X 30, Rigos, Mdl 9/511-STO20340, Gas-Fired,
C742513 Oven, Belt, 18 X 30', EFS, Mdl FTO-3216, Gas-Fired, 
C742510 Oven, Belt, 18' X 30, EFS, Mdl FTO-3216, Gas-Fired, 
C742508 Oven, Belt, 18' X 30, EFS, Mdl FTO-3216, Gas-Fired, 
C742520 Oven, Belt, 32 x 25', S/st, Fujimak, Jet Zone
C742505 Proofer, Overhead, 6-Pocket, 5-Pass, Rigos, 
C742503 Proofer, Overhead, 6-Pocket, 5-Pass, Rigos, 
S741577 Pump, Dough, Twin Screw, S/st, Topos, Auger, Hopper, U20
C742521 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 70 x 33', S/st, Mayekawa,
A740752 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 30 x 20', S/st, Frigoscandia,
C741707 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 20', S/st, IQF, Cloudy Britton,
C741713 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 40', S/st, IQF, Hussman,
S741225 Separator, Magnetic, 3, S/st, Liquid, MPI, TW-3,
S741224 Separator, Magnetic, 3, S/st, Liquid, MPI,
S741208 Separator, Magnetic, Flow-Thru, Liquid, 3,
S741209 Separator, Magnetic, Flow-Thru, Liquid, 1/2,
S741207 Separator, Magnetic, Flow-Thru, Liquid, S/st, 1, (2)
S741275 Separator, Magnetic, Pneumatic, 6, S/st, Eriez, Pipe
S741273 Separator, Magnetic, Pneumatic, 6, S/st, Round Pipe
S739758 Screen, Sifter, Gump, 28, Double Deck,
S739729 Sprayer, Oil, Pan Greaser, Automatic, Advanced Bakery,
S741582 Tank, 50 Gallon, S/st, Rectangular, 24 x 21 x 21, OT/SB
C737925 Washer, Parts, S/st, Cabinet, 40 X 66 X 84, Douglas,
C742514 Wrapper, PFM, Horiz, type Shamal, Flow Wrapper


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