#2 On the road
with James Taylor and Jackson Browne!

Hello Guacamole People!

If you missed it last week, we're "going on tour" with Jackson Browne & James Taylor, by telling you about the non-profit organizations we've coordinated to table at each show. Join us! This week we're on tour in the following cities...

On 8/3, in Pittsburgh, the Clean Water Fund/Action is tabling. Clean Water Action is a national non-profit environmental organization with over 80,000 members across Pennsylvania. Clean Water Action brings issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking and people power to efforts that seek to improve protections for our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Clean Water Action is focused locally on addressing air pollution from industrial sources and ensuring safe, affordable, lead free drinking water for all residents. Among their federal and state priorities are efforts to protect and improve voting rights. -- For more info or to help: www.cleanwater.org

On 8/4, we travel to Dayton, OH, where Ohio Citizens Action is doing encore tabling - they were at an Ohio date last week as well. -- For more info:  www.ohiocitizen.org.

On 8/6, we go to Charleston, WV, where we meet Guitars in the Classroom. GITC started as a beautiful idea to bring hands on music to general education teachers so they could become song leaders for learning. Now, thanks to incredible support, for 21 years, GITC faculty members have been training teachers in public schools from coast to coast to sing, play, write lyrics for learning andlead hands on music with public school elementary students. Over 15,000 teachers have trained with GITC - and we train about 1500 more each year. Our work is reaching about a million students each school year with integrated music making for literacy, math and all other subjects. GITC's efforts focus on serving students during their most formative years when foundational skills in speaking, reading, writing and thinking as well as interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence can
grow quickly. In addition to teaching, we also help provide instruments, accessories and subsidies to the teachers in our programs. -- For more info, visit: www.guitarsintheclassroom.org.

On another topic, the anniversaries of the August 6 and August 9 U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approach, Physicians for Social Responsibility is providing a list of events in the U.S. Visit their compilation to find an event near you.Thanks to our friends at Beyond Nuclear for this information (www.beyondnuclear.org). On a very personal note, a commemoration of these anniversaries in Santa Cruz, California, 26 years ago, was the very first Guacamole Fund concert event that long-time guacs Paula and Diane ever volunteered for. That event, and the on-going annual commemorations, are still very meaningful to us (even if they do make us feel very old!). We hope you will all pause to note these anniversaries, and say a prayer for the at least 226,000 people - almost all civilians - who were killed in the bombings.

Thank you, and please join us next week when we get back on tour with the tablers!

Paula, Diane, Jeffrey and Tom
The Guacamole Fund
Post Office Box 699
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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