Saludos desde el Centro de Misiones de Santa Cruz*
Our Mission Sends us Across Borders of Every Sort
* "Greetings fro m the Holy Cross Mission Center" in Spanish
Called to Live Extraordinarily in Ordinary Times
While we are currently in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time, there is nothing ordinary about living out our faith. This season is called 'ordinary' and may seem to be mundane, but it is actually when the Church has a chance to remember the life of Jesus Christ and contemplate what it means to follow Him. Just as Jesus did extraordinary things daily, we too are called to live extraordinarily. While daily life may be routine, it is through our routines that God invites us to imitate Jesus' miraculous ministry in our own lives. Let us reflect on what it means to follow Jesus and contemplate how we can continue living with zeal and passion in the ordinary times.
Provincial of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Province, Fr. James Cruz, C.S.C., (right) talks to the students of St. George's School (Mariamnagar, Bangladesh) with Fr. Tom McDermott, C.S.C, (left) during their morning lesson.
Each day our faith calls us to address the plight of those effected by prejudice, famine, warfare, ignorance, infidelity, abuse, and natural calamity. The mission we serve to provide the essential human needs may seem ordinary to the average bystander, but this work we do together as a global family is changing lives!
(Left) Fr. Dennis Lule, C.S.C., tells St. Joseph Hill students during his Sunday homily the importance of education for "Education is Light" (St. Joseph Hill School Motto).   (Right)  Fr. Richard Potthast, C.S.C., shoots hoops with students at St. Joseph Hill School (Kyarosuzi, Uganda) during their daily afternoon sports/free time.
Let us each remember the words of Pope Benedict, "the world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness." Through our endeavors to pursue greatness through acts of charity, as God intended, we are each living our vocation and continuing on the path to peace, holiness, and unity. Our mission finds its fulfillment in extra-ordinary acts done by each of us!
"The strength of a [person's] virtue must not be measured by [one's] efforts, 
but by [one's] ordinary life."  -- Blaise Pascal
Honoring Our Julibarians & their Service
All Have Served the Congregation, 8 were Missionaries in Foreign Missions
With great excitement and gratitude, the Congregation celebrates seventeen Jubilarians  this year. This celebration honors those who have served God's people for Seventy, Sixty, Fifty and Twenty-Five Years. 
Their years of service are beautiful examples of laying down one's life and following Christ. While all our Jubilarians have served the Congregation and God's flock, eight of the seventeen religious have served the international mission of Holy  Cross through direct ministry at our mission apostolates.
Their vocations, ministries, and lives should be 
held by all as examples of living God's love.
Thank you to Fr. Tom O'Hara, C.S.C, and Administration for Years of Service and Leadership
Holy Cross Elects New U.S. Provincial Superior, New Administration Appointed
Fr. Bill Lies,C.S.C., and Fr. Tom O'Hara, C.S.C., outside the Chapel at King's College after the election.
The Holy Cross Mission Center wants to thank Fr. Tom O'Hara, C.S.C., for his leadership of the US Province for the last six years. His personal commitment to the Congregation's international mission has helped the Mission Center grow and expand its reach and connections around the world. Serving faithfully with his vicar, Fr. Rick Wilkinson, C.S.C., both served directly with us and gave all they had to the Province in so many ways, and both were very dedicated to to our international work and the Holy Cross communities overseas. We also thank Fr. Bill Beauchamp, C.S.C., Br. Donald Stabrowski, C.S.C., and Fr. Pete Jarret, C.S.C., for their service, leadership and support of our work. Our Gratitude and Prayers to each of them in a special way!

We congratulate Rev. William M. Lies, C.S.C., who was elected as the new Provincial Superior of the 
Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers ,  by the Provincial Chapter in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Thursday, June 14, 2018.
As Provincial Superior, Fr. Lies serves a six year term with Fr. Peter Jarrett, C.S.C., Fr. Neil Wack, C.S.C., and Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C., along with the Provincial Council leading the Province. We look forward to this time to work closely with the new team! Fr. Bill is a talented, engaging, and dedicated Holy Cross priest, and also has extensive experience with the international sectors of Holy Cross. Good things are ahead for us in living out the mission of the Holy Cross Mission Center and involving more people in our common efforts! 
Yancana Huasy Named Finalist for 2018 Opus Prize
Ministry for the Physical and Mentally Challenged Youth and Individuals in Canto Grande, Peru among finalists for prestigious $1 Million Prize
Congratulations to Yancana Huasy, a Holy Cross apostolate serving youth and individuals with mental and physical challenges in Canto Grande (Lima), Peru, for being named a finalist for the 2018 Opus Prize. 
Each year the Opus Prize Foundation chooses one Catholic university to help it award one $1 million and two $100,000 prizes recognizing individuals who are addressing persistent and pressing social problems. 

Established by Rev. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C., and led today by José Antonio Patrón, Yancana Huasy works with the poorest neighborhoods to integrate children and families with special needs into public schools, faith communities and neighborhoods. Much of their focus is on training parents of children with severe challenges to meet the physical and emotional needs of their child. It is a place of HOPE for each and every person! 

We very excited and proud to have this inspiring ministry be highlighted and honored in this way. Thank you and congratulations to all those who make this ministry such a success! 
U.S. Province Passes Resolution on Migrant Families
Priests and Brothers at Province Chapter Affirm the Dignity of Migrant Families

Welcoming Many Visitors
Summer Visitors bring new faces, exciting honors, and help with Mission Appeals
HCMC 2018 Mission Appeals 
The 2018 HCMC Mission Appeals Season is in full swing! Here are this year's stats:
  * 1 Archbishop
  * 2 Brothers
  * 4 Visiting International Holy Cross Religious
  * 8 States
  * 10 Dioceses
  * 12 Priests
  * 33 Parishes 

As the summer comes to an end we are happy to announce that well over half of the HCMC Mission Appeals are completed; our religious have visited 20+ parishes in 10 dioceses in the past 3 months. We are grateful to the parishes who welcomed our religious so generously. Each community eagerly received and encountered the international mission of Holy Cross through hearing the experiences of our Holy Cross priests and brothers. The stories told and unity experienced even brought one parishioner to be moved to tears!

Our religious have been very generous with their time, some agreeing to do 2-3 appeals this year! We are very appreciative for their sacrifice and commitment to the missions.

Coming from all over the United States, Tanzania, Uganda, Mexico and Bangladesh, our priests and brothers share their rich personal experiences of working with the missions to illustrate the far-reaching ministries of the Congregation. Many ministries have been made possible through donations from the many kind-hearted people in the parishes we visit. Without the support of these parishioners, our efforts would be more limited and we are grateful for their continued support as there is always more work to be done and people to serve.

We pray the effort put forth by all will bring another fruitful year, allowing the good works of Holy Cross to continue to aid the poor and marginalized, and pronounce the Love of God across our world! Peace! Shanti! Amani! Paz!
Kamal Hossain - Bangladeshi citizen awarded Honorary Degree at
 University of Notre Dame  Graduation

(Left to Right) Fr. David Burrell, C.S.C., Kamal Hossain with family, Bro. Rodney Struble, C.S.C., Fr. Eugene Homrich, C.S.C., and Fr. Richard Timm, C.S.C., gather at Holy Cross House, Notre Dame, Ind, as old and new friends, sharing stories and memories from Bangladesh.
This year the University of Notre Dame honored an alumnus, long-time friend, and supporter of the Congregation of Holy Cross, 
Kamal Hossain, with an honorary degree, Doctor of Laws.

Hossain is an internationally renowned jurist, the father of the Bangladeshi constitution, and alumnus of Holy Cross institutions, include University of Notre Dame.

Hossain has remained close with the Congregation, and during his visit stopped by Holy Cross House with his family to visit with  missionaries who served in Bangladesh (pictured left). We are excited to see such a dear friend and colleague be honored in this way. 

Bangladesh Bishop Visits Missionaries &
Christ the King Parish in South Bend, Indiana

During his visit, Bishop Ponen (left) visited with the missionaries who served the Church and community in Bangladesh for many years. Bangladesh Missionaries, Brother Rodney Struble, C.S.C., (right) ministered there for 25 years and Fr. Eugene Homrich, C.S.C., (center) accompanied his parishioners for over 60 years. 
This summer we were honored to host
Bishop Ponen Paul Kubi, C.S.C., from the Mymensingh Diocese in Bangladesh. During his visit, Bishop Ponen  visited the Holy Cross missionary priests and brothers who spent many years of their lives serving the parishes and schools of Bangladesh. Also during his visit, Bishop Ponen had the opportunity to express his gratitude for the close fellowship between Christ the King Parish Community in South Bend, Indiana and Jalchatra Parish in Mymensingh Diocese of Bangladesh.

The UP Pilots Competed & the Missions Won!
Univ. of Portland Dorm Competition Raises Almost $10,000 for Mission Projects
Annually, the ten residence halls at University of Portland participate in a friendly competition to see which community can raise the most money for their chosen Holy Cross Mission Center mission project(s). This competition is a long running tradition and has been successful in connecting UP students to the international mission of Holy Cross where they not only raise money, but learn so much about the mission projects they support across the Holy Cross world! It also inspires research projects, and future service and immersion projects as well for the students!

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Spes Unica Blog: Mission Edition - 

Come check out the most recent reflections on the Holy Cross missions. We are excited to share these reflections through the  Spes Unica blog  with you. This blog series offers an invitation for you to explore the missions and the global community of Holy Cross.  Sharing these moments is  an opportunity for our guest authors to tell others about their experience of living a life of mission, and what truly happened to them along the way as they experience the internationality of Holy Cross. 

Our latest reflection is offered by Fr. Ryan Pietrocarlo, C.S.C., Associate Pastor at St. Adalbert & St. Casimir Parishes in South Bend, Indiana. Fr. Ryan shares how his Pastoral Year in Monterrey, Mexico brought a deeper awareness of the internationality in Holy Cross. He also shares about his mindfulness of our journey through life in the present moment. Come and See!
Event Follow-Up
Dedication Ceremony for the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion
Holy Cross priests and lifelong missionaries, Fr. David Farrell, C.S.C., (right) and Fr. Phil Devlin, C.S.C., (left) unveiling the donor plaque at Dedication Ceremony on May 12, 2018. 
The District of Perú hosted a dedication ceremony  on May 12, 2018  for the  Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion, located in the Canto Grande community outside of Lima, Perú where the Congregation has served since the mid-1970s. This facility, which bears Fr. Farrell's name and honors his legacy, is located next to the Congregation's school, Fe y Alegría 25, and will be a space for large group gatherings and events, and be an additional income source for the school. 
It was a joyous celebration of this missionary who served the Canto Grande community for 30 years of his priesthood. The ceremony was filled with joy, singing and dancing, and much love!  This pavilion honors Fr. Farrell's years of service, dedication, and missionary endeavors, and will serve as a reminder of his legacy for future generations in Canto Grande and the Congregation.

Construction at Holy Cross Lake View School
Holy Cross builds to welcome more students, educating their hearts and minds
Located in the Diocese of Jinja, Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School is the cornerstone of the Congregation of Holy Cross' educational mission in Uganda. Holy Cross Lake View was founded in 1993 by Rev. Robert Hesse, C.S.C., and was located in an abandoned one-room schoolhouse.

Holy Cross Lake View School has come a long way from that one-room schoolhouse, as it now educates 800 students annually... and we are not done growing yet. Construction of a new Campus is underway.
Save the Date - Holy Cross Mission Center Tailgate
You're Invited to the First-Ever HCMC Tailgate Party
Saturday, September 15, 2018
Notre Dame vs. Vanderbilt Game
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Eck Vistors Center @ Univ. of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana  46556
Join the HCMC for our  kick-off Holy Cross Mission Center Tailgate Party  as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the Vanderbilt Commodores.
Along with a drawing to win crafts from various parts of the Holy Cross world, information and pictures about our international missions, you will hear of the new and exciting projects going on, with a special presentation by Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C., HCMC Director, and of course, tasty food and (non-alcoholic) refreshments.
If you have any questions, please call the Holy Cross Mission Center office at 574.631.5477 or email us at
All are welcome! Formal invitation to follow. 
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One of Our Favorite Photos
Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C., meets Pope Francis on April 9, 2018 at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.

Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C.Director of University-School Partnerships in the Alliance for Catholic Education and Notre Dame Chaplain to Latino Students, Priest in Residence in Dillon Hall (and many other roles!) traveled to Rome in April for a meeting of the Missionaries of Mercy, a role he has served in since 2016.
While visiting the Vatican, Fr. Joe had an opportunity to meet and receive the blessing of Pope Francis, after which he took a moment to show off his "Pope Francis Socks" to the Holy Father (pictured above). Only Fr. Joe could do this and have the genuine connection with Pope Francis! We were hoping to see if Pope Francis now wants a pair of Fr. Joe socks!! We want to thank Fr. Joe for his commitment to Latino communities both in the United States and Mexico, and his dedication as a Missionary of Mercy, helping the faithful everywhere come to know of God's Love and Mercy for them!  
  Dear Friends,
I hope these summer months (in the northern hemisphere) are going well for all. In just a few weeks life picks up for so many of us as schools come back in session, parish programs start up again, and the fall college football season arrives!  What could be better!

This summer I participated in the United States Provincial Chapter and it was a great moment for more than 50 Holy Cross religious from the United States and abroad to gather and discern our commitments for the coming years in our province. There is tremendous focus on our international mission, how it is lived out, and how we can support the good work done internationally, as well as our holy Cross religious across our province in the many countries where we serve. Our collective mind is more international than ever. The presence of our brothers from Uganda, Tanzania, Chile, Mexico, and Peru gave witness to our united mission throughout the world! There is much hope that the chapter and the province have given to the Mission Center as they have asked us to continue to serve in the ways we do now, and take on new projects and responsibilities for the coming years!

Here at the Mission Center, we have hosted and continue to host many religious visiting in the United States, some of whom have generously helped with the Mission Appeals. I am a firm believer that, as we have more and more personal encounters with one another across the world, Holy Cross is enriched in its mission and very importantly in our community life and our sense of brotherhood in Holy Cross! I spent a couple of days with two of our men from Bangladesh and one from Tanzania, and between the 4 of us - dining at a great Mexican restaurant and speaking Spanish, Swahili, Bangla and English - we thought that this was living out Fr. Moreau's vision in 2018! When we prayed grace before the meal and the Lord's prayer, we each did it in our preferred language, yet there was a union among us as we could all follow along! God is truly called by many names, but we all are heard and receive God's blessings!

Thank you for all reading this newsletter for your support and prayers; I truly hope you enjoy knowing a bit about the many ways that Holy Cross serves and the lives of our religious around the globe! There is much good going on in the world of Holy Cross with dedicated Holy Cross religious and so many lay colleagues, supporters and benefactors - all of whom work together to bring the Love of God and God's Mercy, Compassion and Healing to our world where we serve! You are each a part of this, and we continue to ask for your prayers, insights, and any kind of support you might be able to offer. What I know is that together, we all can bring HOPE to those who might think they are forgotten, or wonder if their pain will end, as well as to students in our schools and families in our parishes across the world eager to learn, worship and pray! Wherever Holy Cross serves, great things happen and miracles occur each day.

Let us pray for one another in these last weeks of summer!     

Fraternally in Holy Cross,
Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C.
Director, Holy Cross Mission Center 
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