The coronavirus has given us some extra time to make good progress on updating all our resources into full color. That means we’re clearing out our two-color inventory in a big way! We are offering these books at $2.00 per item until May 25, 2020 . Please note that some items may have limited quantities so this is while supplies last for some items. We are also discontinuing many of our CD products (in favor of downloads), so most of them are on sale too.
Please see the list below for titles and links to the products on sale. Please note that you will need to select either 10" by 14" Format or Disc format from the drop down. On a few of the hymns, you will need to select the 9" by 12" format.
Think Early Christmas Present
6200-2C Hark! The Herald Angels Sing is an excellent Christmas hymn to sing with your family or in children's church.
5120-2C Exploring God's Word
This volume is a good introduction to the importance of God's Word and how it was written. This volume will be updated to full-color this year.
5320-2C Nathan Finds New Life in Jerusalem
This is an excellent book on teaching Jewish traditions and customs.
1036-2C NT Vol 36 The Priesthood of Christ
This teaches on the Priesthood of Christ, Aaron and Melchizedek.
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Other Items on $2 Sale
We are still working to update many items into full-color. Watch a quick demo of the work in stages.

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