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The Clean Air and Healthy Lung Leaders
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$20,000 grant from Ant hem Blue Cross Foundation
In collaboration with Anthem Blue Cross Foundation:  BCBA will begin to provide 1) Multi-session asthma education classes to children with or without asthma in schools 2) 60-90 minute workshops for adults and 3) Conduct indoor air quality assessments in homes/schools/daycare centers in Alameda County.

Ash Kickers
BCBA is proud to be hosting the Ash Kickers Quit-Smoking Classes to the community. Ash Kickers is a six-session smoking cessation program that leads smokers through various stages of quitting and introduces resources and strategies on how to quit and stay quit.

Please contact  Nidhi Badiyani /   or Julia Barba / for more information. 

Internship Opportunities
Currently, BCBA is offering internships focusing on Community Health and Communications & Marketing. 

If interested, contact Ramya Chitatoor /

PG&E Medical Baseline Program

Customers who have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions, may apply to  the  Medical Baseline program to reduce their bill.  Check with PG&E about the program and  register here .
Asthma Workshops
In an effort to reduce the burden of  Asthma , we offer a variety of health programs designed to educate children and families about the disease.

March 2017
Be The First Contest Awards Ceremony 
On Saturday, February 11th, 2017, Breathe California of the Bay Area (BCBA) hosted its first ever "Be
the First" Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest Award Ceremony. Partnering with CVS Health, the event took place at the Rose Garden Library - 1580 Naglee Ave., San Jose, CA 95126 from 10:00am-11:30am. This contest invited middle and high school students in the Bay Area to present a 30 or 60 second video PSA with a tobacco/nicotine-free message. Participants had the opportunity to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes and the chance to compete in the Statewide Breathe California Youth PSA Contest taking place in Sacramento, CA on February 25, 2017. 
Read More.

Be The First Contest Winners

High School Winners
Liron Day & Manan Chopra

Middle School Winners
Milpitas: Council bans smoking in outdoor dining areas
"Implementing the smoke free outdoor ordinance like the one we are proposing today reduces the harmful health effects and also protects non-smokers and the vulnerable populations like children, seniors, low-income families and pregnant women," Badiyani, tobacco control and health program specialist for Breath California of the Bay Area, told the council.  Read more.

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