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Driveshafts 101
With so many customers opting for high powered engines requiring our  cryogenic gear treatment to increase torque capacities, we needed a supplier to build driveshafts that could meet these demands and test them at extreme RPMs. We also needed a supplier who could provide quality steel driveshafts for the majority of our customers that are perfectly balanced as we've always offered. When we heard TREMEC  recommends Dynotech and read about their history and their online reviews , we knew Dynotech was the best company to partner with.

Dynotech  has over 80 years in balance engineering, and for the last quarter century, they've built driveshafts for the aftermarket. They service 75-80% of the NASCAR teams and can make driveshafts for anything. They keep up with the latest in technological advances in production and testing, using state of the art materials for some of their lightweight, performance driveshafts and they've refined balancing the standard steel driveshaft into an artform.

Driveshafts aren't quite as simple as they seem. The allowed variances are so tight, it takes the most sensitive of machinery to precisely measure and correct the driveshaft so it meets the target. The materials used also present many advantages as well as challenges when it comes to making driveshafts. To help you decide which driveshaft is for you and to give you insight into the making and testing of a driveshaft, we've gone more in depth on the website.  You can l earn more about their driveshafts  here and their testing procedures and targets here .

Call us to learn more: 888-609-0023.
Featured Products
NEW A41 Controller: EZ-TCU
We are always on the lookout for ways to make our products better or easier to install. Our A41 automatic transmission, available for years, was offered with several different controllers as technology changed and we're happy to announce our latest controller not only has the latest in tech advances, but is also our easiest install and setup yet! Plus, if you have or plan to install the Fast EFI system, this controller is designed to integrate with it. Learn more on our website.
GM G-Body Pedal Conversion Kit - $199.95
This pedal kit is made in the USA and comes with everything you need to convert your GM G-Body from two pedals to three: pedals, hardware, fittings, pads and instructions. To learn more or buy now, visit our website.
1968-1969 Camaro 6-Speed Shift Pattern Plate - $19.95
We have a 6-Speed shift pattern plate for 1968-1969 Camaros with console which you can purchase here.

'70-'71 Camaro & '68-'72 Chevelle 6-Speed Shift Pattern Plate - $39.95
We also have a 6-Speed shift pattern plate for 1970-1971 Camaro and the 1968-1972 Chevelle. This shift pattern plate has OEM look quality. They are made of 14 gauge black anodized aluminum with the pattern engraved. You can purchase one here.
How To: Install a 6-Speed into a C10

You want a new TREMEC 5 or 6 speed and we want to expand our line of PerfectFit™ Kits. If you have one of the cars we're looking for, we may be able to help each other out. These are the cars we're currently seeking:

1973-1987 Chevrolet C10 Square Body Pickup Truck
1979-1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang
1991-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS
2006-2010 Dodge Charger (LX Platform)
2011-2016 Dodge Charger (LX Platform)

If you're interested, give us a call to learn more about the process. 888-609-8187
Upcoming Car Shows
SEMA - Las Vegas, NV - November 1-4
SEMA ShowIf you're going to be at SEMA, let us know! Jack Silver and Jeff Kauffman will be networking and looking for more authorized installation centers. Send us an email if you'll be at the show and would like to meet with them.
James Farquhar's 1970 Dodge Charger
1970 Charger
James Farquhar purchased a TREMEC TKO 5-Speed, but it was not machined to clear the torsion bar crossmember. He called us for help and a few days later, he was good to go! If you find the TREMEC you purchased from somewhere else doesn't fit, give us a call, we may be able to help. 888-609-0023
John Sullivan praises the TREMEC TKO 5-Speed performance.

I've had my 5-speed for about a month and my Chevelle is a real pleasure to drive now, 70 MPH in 5th gear, taching out at 2200 rpms. Just a PLEASURE!

John Sullivan
Australian order arrives within one week of order, but it's our customer service that impresses Darren Hill.
We try to ship everything in a timely manner - meaning we are well stocked and staffed so orders go out within days, not weeks. Darren Hill's shipment only took one week to get to Australia and he also had a few nice things to say about some of our employees. This is his letter to Jack Silver, CEO.

Hello Mr. Silver, 

I am writing to let you know how happy I am that I went through your company to purchase a PerfectFit transmission for my 68 Corvette.  I originally made contact with Jeff Kauffman who then put me onto Ben Dehaven. I have nothing but high praise for these two gentlemen. As my order was going to be sent to Australia, I did have some trepidations, but felt very comfortable making the purchase after corresponding with both Jeff and Ben.

I made payment on Friday and a week to the day my transmission kit was delivered to me in Australia. I was extremely happy with how quickly your company shipped out my order. I have never had anything delivered so fast from the United States before.

I had one small mishap during shipping that in the end didn't concern me at all. I made contact with Ben to sort out the mishap and through correspondence with Ben, I found he was on his way to his father-in-law's funeral. On his way to his father-in-law's funeral and he still found the time to help me.

To say that I am very impressed with your company and the two gentlemen who helped make my purchase a positive one is an understatement.  You should be very proud of your team.

Thanks again Mr. Silver.


Darren Hill
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