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�200 million Green Deal plan to Energise Barnet


LONDON UK. 27 November 2012. Energise Barnet CIC, a social enterprise, has submitted a plan to Barnet Council to create �200 million of social, economic and environmental benefit through the installation of energy saving measures and renewables in 40,000 homes and buildings.


Under the plan, the CIC proposes that it provides the operational hub, generating leads for Green Deal Providers and other delivery partners through it's referral network of community organisations, businesses and tradespeople.


Nigel Farren, local resident and the CIC's founder, said "most of the 140,000 homes and buildings in Barnet are uninsulated and hardly anyone generates their own energy. As a result, owners and tenants spend more on gas and electricity than they need do. Barnet also has the highest carbon emissions of any London borough, some of the UK's highest energy consumption areas and there could be 50,000 residents in fuel poverty with associated health problems that adversely impact NHS costs."


He continued: "Through the Big Society Innovation Bank, the Council asked us to develop an effective approach to solve these issues and draw up a plan for delivery of the Green Deal which will enable people to improve their homes with no upfront cost and save money in the process.


Our plan will help the Council and delivery partners minimise cost and risk. It is the first of it's kind drawn up by a social enterprise and by asking us to draw up the plan, the Council has demonstrated that it wants to encourage local leadership in delivering community services in accordance with it's motto of "Putting the Community First".


Notes to Editors 

Energise Barnet is a community-led project to increase the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, reduce fuel poverty and make renewable energy more affordable in the London Borough of Barnet.


Energise Barnet CIC is a member of the Green Deal Finance Company. It's professional advisers include Grant Thornton UK LLP, one of the world's leading accounting / advisory firms and Latham & Watkins LLPone of the world's largest law firms. 

For further information, please contact:

Nigel Farren
Founder, Energise Barnet CIC
Phone: 020 8492 3362 / 07531 591739
Website: www.energisebarnet.org.uk



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  • Barnet Council
  • Big Green Jewish
  • CommUNITYBarnet
  • Middlesex University
  • Barnet College
  • Business in the Community
  • Diocese of London 
  • Energy Savings Trust
  • Federation of Master Builders
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Greater London Authority 
  • Micropower Council
  • National Insulation Association 
  • Prince's Mayday Network.  

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