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It must be more than coincidental when two Santa Cruz startups launch their products on the same day. Check out the big launch news from YaDoggie and Buoy.

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Sara Isenberg
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YaDoggie! Sol, Jacob, and Davey go to the dogs and launch a membership club and smart scoop that delivers food just when your best friend -- woof -- needs it. Read this article.

TechCrunch weighs in: Yahoo's former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup. Read this article.

BUOY Launch time! After a year of rigorous testing around the country, Buoy's smart home water device is now available for all homeowners to order. Read this article.

Sept 27 workshop covers funding opportunities through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. Read this article.

Capturing bird dives with an echosounder is not common but this scientist did it. Read this article.

The conventional method of making clear, simple maps of games and their worlds has remained largely unchanged for years. An alternative comes in the form of a software system called Mappy. Read this article.

An electrical engineer teams up with astronomers to improve telescope mirrors using thin-film technology from the electronics industry. Read this article.

"The story of Thimbleweed Park begins in October 1987, with a dead body pixelating under a bridge outside of a town sharing its name with the game." Read this article.

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