Focusing your Energy as you Start 2020
Its official... 2019 has been left in the dust and 2020 is staring us in the eye as if to say "what now?"
A new year, a new decade, a new... you. That sounds so cliche doesn't it? But is it really? Each year we get the chance to start off fresh, to leave the chaos, fear, or even doubt behind us-- to refocus our energy. We get this opportunity to look at the next 365 days and decide where we want to go and what we want to accomplish.

What is your dream, and what is keeping you from that dream? Maybe it's time to take that leap and make 2020 the year that you chase after what you've always wanted. It's time to refocus your energy and make your presence known.

The Mentality of News Year's Resolutions
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"What's your New Year’s Resolution?" This is a question I loathe… not because I am not trying to better myself and my life, but because it adds so much pressure to something you are already anxious about working on. So, how do I handle goals, resolutions, changing and enhancing my own life?
For me, the best way I have found to set and keep goals is to not set them only because it is a new year or because it's expected. When I set a new year's resolution or new year's goal, I tend to psych myself out a bit. So, in order to combat that feeling of drowning in new goals, I try to set goals periodically throughout the year, giving myself time to reflect on the previously accomplished goal.
Congratulations, Hilary!
For just under 2 months, Hilary worked one-on-one with her MSCCN Employment Specialist on understanding the job search process, including how to search for jobs she would find fulfilling and how to locate companies t hat offer those positions. Hilary's Employment Specialist helped make the process easier for her, enabling her to search for the jobs she wanted, rather than searching individual companies just to learn that they didn’t have openings in her desired field .

"It’s easy to say what type of job you are looking for, but difficult to figure what which companies are hiring for those positions."

For Sale: Fears and Excuses
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Within a thirty-minute period, I received two rejection emails for stories I’d submitted. As I reached for a bottle of wine and bag of gummy bears, a news story caught my attention. Gummy bears in hand, I watched Geralyn Lucas’ story unfold.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age twenty-seven. But she didn’t sink into despair, or spend her precious time wondering why this happened to her, of all people. She didn’t even reach for the wine. Instead, she fought cancer, kicked its butt—all while wearing red lipstick!

As I listened to her story, I looked down at the wine and the gummy bears. I realized then and there- I didn’t need a pity party, I needed a swift kick in the butt!
Working from Home: The Perfect Storm
Working from home sounds like the perfect opportunity, doesn't it? But is it right for you? Sometimes we focus so intently on one aspect of an opportunity that we miss the big picture. Our Live and LMS Work from Home training will provide you with knowledge of the different types of remote opportunities available and help you to decide whether telework is a good fit for you.

Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help you accomplish your dreams. Why Wait?
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