Essential news for the UCSF community

Each year, on Match Day, graduating medical students learn where they will do their residency training at leading centers nationwide. Watch the video »

California’s tax on cigarettes, which funded anti-tobacco campaigns and community programs to improve public health, is paying off to the tune of $816 billion in total health care savings and a drop in the state’s smoking population over 30 years.

From hypnosis and guided imagery to deep breathing and acupuncture for infants, these at-home techniques could help alleviate your child’s pain.

UCSF scientists have taken a step forward in understanding our sense of smell by creating the first molecular-level, 3D picture of how an odor molecule activates a receptor in the brain.

A partnership between Fresno County and UCSF Fresno Mobile Health and Learning (HeaL) makes health care more accessible and equitable for agricultural workers living in rural areas of Fresno.

Waste to Art is Back: To raise awareness about waste in our lives and ways to transition into a more sustainable future, the Waste to Art challenge is seeking participants to turn medical waste into art. The challenge is part of the Carbon Neutrality Initiative fellowship program. Submit your proof of concept by March 31 » 

Ask Your Legislators to Support UCSF in This Year's State Budget: Send your state legislators an email urging them to protect critical funding for the UC system so we can maintain the world-class education, research, and health care we’re known for. UCSF is also requesting $1.8 million for the Doctor of Dental Surgery- Advocacy, Science, Public Interest and Research program, which will train dental students to become leaders in health equity and provide high-quality oral healthcare to underserved communities. Email your legislator » 
New Community Impacts Portal Launched: UCSF has launched an online portal for neighbors, patients, staff, and students to submit inquiries or concerns about construction activity at the Parnassus Heights campus. Submit an inquiry or report issues here » 

CALEA Accreditation Public Comment Portal Available: The Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)’s portal was created to provide the public with a place to submit comments, commendations, and other information on a member agency’s quality of service or candidacy for accredited status. You can access it through the UCSF Police Department website. Learn more » 

Formal Systemwide Review of Proposed Presidential Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Innovation Transfer: The University of California Office of the President invites comments on a proposed Presidential Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Innovation Transfer. The policy revises the existing UC Patent Policy in response to the Regents Policy on Innovation Transfer & Entrepreneurship, which provides that the responsibility, authority, and accountability for innovation transfer and entrepreneurship reside generally with the campuses. If you have questions or if you wish to comment, contact [email protected] no later than May 30. 
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Wellness Corner: For national nutrition month, aim for a variety of colors on your plate. Eating more shades of fruit and vegetables adds healthy nutrients to your meal. Visit for more wellbeing-related resources »
Deals and Discounts
Women’s Empowerment Night at the Chase Center – Warriors vs Pelicans: Additional tickets have been added to the March 28 game. Each purchased ticket comes with a free T-shirt. Limited tickets available. Purchase your tickets »